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Hiking with dogs: what you need to know!

Make sure your pet is ready

Before taking the hike with your puppy you need to prepare your pet. You should visit your vet for a checkup and see if your doggy is ready to be outdoors and active for long hours. And if their immune system is going to be able to endure the long hours of walking.

First of all, you need to consider if your pet is physically ready for the hike. Make sure that your doggy has all of the necessary vaccinations and the immune system of your furry friend is ready for the upcoming adventure. Most of the vets will advise for the owner to wait until the puppy is fully grown before going on longer hiking trips so that the bones of your dog are fully developed, the immune system has stabilized and cannot easily be influenced by outside factors.


Before going hiking you need to research the trail and the regulations of the specific trail. There are some areas which do not allow the dog to enter, also there are some areas that require harnesses and other dog accessories and will not let you onto the trail without them. And, although regulations and rules do vary between different trails and national parks, almost all of them require at least a leash.

Training and trail etiquette

Before starting the hike and going on any trails, you should make sure your doggy is obedient and will listen to your commands. The owner has to be the one in control as there are going to be other people and even other pets and dogs on the trail, which can bring too much excitement to your pup. So your dog has to be able to control and obey when asked to.

You should always take into consideration that your pet is going to need to go to the toilet whenever it is needed, and not going to hold it back for too long. So, when going to any national park or trail you should bring a poop bag with you. It is not only a common rule but not having one will show disrespect to other visitors and to the owner of the outdoor park. Some places can even charge you with a fine if you do not pick up after yourself and your pets. Therefore, do not leave any litter and garbage behind you.

Bring all of the necessities for you and your dog

When packing for a hike and if you are bringing a doggy with you, you should keep in mind a few simple necessities which are required. First of all, you always need to pack, the already mentioned, poop bags. Your pet is going to be going to toilet throughout the hike, and you, as a responsible owner, need to clean up after your furry friend.

Also, you should not forget food and water. Food can be stored in a backpack, but water should be packed so it can be easily reached. Especially on very hot days, you should always have an accessible water bottle for yourself and also for your pet. And you should not forget toys, or at least one toy, which is a favorite of your dog, to keep him entertained while resting.

hiking with dog

First aid kit

As you are going to be quite far away from civilization when hiking and the vet is not going to be accessible easily you also want to make sure you are ready for accidents by packing a first aid kit. The kit should contain necessities for humans and also for pets. You can consult your vet beforehand on what are the items that should be in the first aid kit for dogs. And, if you do pack some medicine, make sure to consult your vet on the dosage and usage beforehand.

All in all, if you keep a positive attitude and make sure you take the hike seriously you are going to be just fine. Pets enjoy spending their time outdoors, and so will you if you put enough effort into preparations for the hike.


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