• Interesting Dog Psychology Facts

    Though a fully understood conversation with our furry friends isn’t on the cards anytime soon, much advancement has been made in the fields of psychology and mental evaluation of dogs. So in this exciting piece, we’ll be sharing a number of interesting facts about the psychology of dogs – what…

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  • Must Have Dog Toys

    To keep your dog happy, especially if he loves to be active, you will need to provide toys for him. Because toys are the dog’s companions when you are away or too busy to hang out with your pup. Experts recommend that when getting toys for your pet, you should…

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  • Foods You Should Never Give Your Pet

    Pets are just that – pets. They are there to be loved and to love, to be taken care of and pampered, for companionship and so on. If you have never owned a pet before and you get one, no matter the animal, you may need a little time to…

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  • sleeping with dog

    Sharing a Bed with Your Dog: Good or Bad?

    Many people consider their dogs a big part of the family and in some cases treat them like their children. It’s great to be able to spoil your beloved pooch with plenty of pampering, love, treats, and toys. However, just where do you draw the line when it comes to…

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  • Dog shock collars

    What’s the deal with dog shock collars?

    There is a huge controversy about dog shock collars, many people find them useful, helpful and very appropriate while some people think that pet shock collars should be banned and shouldn’t be used at all. There are many pros and cons to these devices and each side has very convincing…

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  • dog house

    How to build a dog house?

    Building a dog house isn’t very complicated if you choose a simple plan for the dog house, that don’t require many materials or a lot of assembling. If you choose a simple dog house, which is the most common style of dog houses then the process is quite simple and…

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  • uses for dog crates and cages

    Most popular uses for dog crates and cages

    Dog crates and cages have been controversially perceived for a long time now. Some people consider crates as something similar to a prison for dogs, and a tool that cannot benefit the animal but can only cause suffering and damage. But, there are many people and many dog owners who…

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  • dog crate sizes

    Dog crate sizes explained: what size dog crate to buy

    There are an overwhelmingly large amount of different dog crates and different dog crate sizes. What size crate for the dog to purchase is going to be mainly determined by the size of your dog. Your pet should be comfortable in the cage, while also be able to move around…

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