• Do Dogs Like Music?

    Being a dog owner means facing some pretty unique challenges. And that calls for unique solutions. So, how about music? Just like we know that babies – often even before they are born – can benefit from listening to classical music, the same has been speculated about dogs for quite…

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  • Dog Sneezing: Why It Happens and What to Do

    Dogs sneeze, just like us. And, just like us, this is usually a harmless and inconsequential thing that just happens due to minor irritations. In fact, dogs often sneeze on purpose, as a sign of playful happiness and joy. However, as is the case with people, excessive and continuous sneezing…

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  • Home Remedy for Bone Stuck in Dog’s Throat

    Dogs love chewing on bones but, unfortunately, this fun activity comes with a set of risks. Bones, especially cooked bones, as well as chicken and fish bones, can very easily splinter and get stuck in a dog’s throat, gums, or often even worse – in their intestines. This can cause…

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  • Why Do Dogs Like Bones So Much?

    Most dog owners are used to the sight of their dog gnawing on a bone for what seems like hours without a pause. Why do dogs love bones so much, however? At first, the answer can seem obvious – they are carnivores after all, why wouldn’t they like the chew…

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  • How Many Bones Does a Dog Have?

    Dogs’ skeletal structure is different from ours but it’s also unique compared to other four-legged mammal predators. It allows for a lot of improved mobility and flexibility but it can also lead to some health issues that dog owners need to be aware of. But, first things first: How many…

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  • Why Do Dogs Eat Tissues and Toilet Paper?

    There’s one thing every dog owner can attest to – dogs are weird. Usually, that weirdness is expressed in a good and fun way, however, it can be puzzling sometimes. One of the funnier and weirder behaviors of our canine friends is their proclivity to eating everything in their way.…

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  • Interesting Dog Psychology Facts

    Though a fully understood conversation with our furry friends isn’t on the cards anytime soon, much advancement has been made in the fields of psychology and mental evaluation of dogs. So in this exciting piece, we’ll be sharing a number of interesting facts about the psychology of dogs – what…

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  • Must Have Dog Toys

    To keep your dog happy, especially if he loves to be active, you will need to provide toys for him. Because toys are the dog’s companions when you are away or too busy to hang out with your pup. Experts recommend that when getting toys for your pet, you should…

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  • Foods You Should Never Give Your Pet

    Pets are just that – pets. They are there to be loved and to love, to be taken care of and pampered, for companionship and so on. If you have never owned a pet before and you get one, no matter the animal, you may need a little time to…

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  • sleeping with dog

    Sharing a Bed with Your Dog: Good or Bad?

    Many people consider their dogs a big part of the family and in some cases treat them like their children. It’s great to be able to spoil your beloved pooch with plenty of pampering, love, treats, and toys. However, just where do you draw the line when it comes to…

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