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What to Do With Your Dog While On Vacation

A lot of people find it challenging to decide on what to do with their dog while on vacation. With proper and adequate information, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. There are many options you have to choose from. You could hire a dog sitter, board your dog in a hotel or ask a friend to watch your dog while you’re away. You need a thorough research on each of the options as they have their own merits and demerits.

1. Hiring a dog sitter
If you need to hire a dog sitter for your dog, you will need to budget enough cash. It’s quite expensive hiring a dog sitter. Dog sitters fall under two categories – professional dog sitters and dog sitters who do it as a part time job for extra income such as vet technicians and students. You could hire dog sitters who are not professionals at an affordable price.

Hiring a dog sitter is not an easy task too. It’s a wise idea to search for dog sitters in advance before it’s time for your vacation.

2. You could search online
There are a lot of websites where you could source dog sitters profile and their prices. You could also make use of the many recommendations and customer reviews online to hire a dog sitter best for you and your dog or pup. Yet, you need be careful. Most online suggestions are not what they seem; you need to trust such with caution! Getting recommendations from a trusted friend who has worked with some dog sitters is a better alternative. Hiring a professional dog sitter is way better because most of them are insured!

3. In-home care versus daily visits
When you must have decided on whom to hire the next task is to decide whether to have in-home or daily visits. To decide on this, you will need to be aware of your dog’s needs. Does your dog feel good staying alone? Could it cope? Is it destructive when alone? If your dog or pup doesn’t like being left alone, then consider having an in-home care. Also, this would be your option if your dog has special needs such as health needs and require medication. Another determining factor here – your pocket! In-home care is quite expensive when compared to daily visits!

4. Want to board your dog in a hotel? Here are things to do:
You need to search for dog boarding hotels in your vicinity. You could do with your zip code online. You could also find out from family or trusted friends or your veterinarian. Get recommendations from them. You should know that there are basic needs a dog hotel expects from you like having your dog fully vaccinated. You must find out the schedules of the dog hotel you want to board your dog. In preparation, you’d need to socialize your dogs with strangers and other dogs. Why? They would probably be meeting other dogs and people who work in the dog hotel, who are unknown to them.

5. A friend could help you
You could also decide to leave your dog or pup in the care of a friend who has dogs or is quite friendly with your dog. Provide them with the necessary things and information they need. Do not fail to show them your appreciation when you return!


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