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Tips on camping with dogs

Camping can be fun and an adventure filled experience. And taking your pet with you can make it even better. But, as with everything concerning dogs, you have to prepare beforehand for everything to go smoothly. So here are some tips if you decide to go camping with a dog.

Research beforehand

When you are thinking of going on a camping trip and taking your pet with you, there is research that needs to be carried out beforehand. Because different parks and camping grounds have different rules. Some might not allow dogs, some might ask for documents. Overall, make sure to choose a dog-friendly camping ground and bring all of the necessary documents with you in case any are needed.

Pest prevention

Camping sites usually are near different water entities, in woods or in other nature surroundings. Although these places are very beautiful, they have a lot more insects and pests then are found in our homes and backyards. So, in order to reassure safety for your dog, take precautions to keep away mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other pests. Also, remember that woods and campsites are full of different wildlife animals, so when camping with dogs make sure that you don’t leave any of the dog food around, and make sure that your puppy isn’t wandering around alone.

Train your dog

Training your dog can benefit in many life situations and camping is one of them. Campsites are often filled with different people wanting the same relaxing time as you. And, many of them also have pets with them. So, you want your dog to be obedient and stay in your territory. In the best case scenario your puppy will go to other campers to play or get some threats, but in the worst situation, they might harm them or get into a fight with other dogs.

dog camping gear

Pack a doggy bag

As you are packing for camping trips, don’t forget to pack also for your pet. You might assume that there isn’t much that your dog might need, but in reality, there are a lot of things you should bring when camping with dogs. Starting with the very basics, which is food and clean water. Don’t change your pet’s diet and bring the same food that you give you pup at home. Also, pack bedding, either it is a blanket or a crate, whatever your doggy prefers to sleep on or in, make sure to bring that item. Also take a few of your pets’ favorite toys with you, as camping ground is going to be a completely new environment, and your pet might need some familiar and dear items to make him feel comfortable. And lastly, bring collar with identification tag and leash, so that you can take hikes together and in case your doggy gets lost, it can find its way back to owners swiftly. Of course, pack also poop bags, but a real dog owner will always have those around.

Prepare for accidents

Although we never want to think about the bad things and what could happen, we need to be prepared for accidents, because vet can be very far and getting to one can take several hours. As your dog, most probably, will be super excited and running around, jumping and playing, you have to consider the fact that there is going to be a lot of rocks and different branches and many other sharp objects. So the first aid kit for your puppy is mandatory in your dog camping gear.

Enjoy your time camping

And, one of the main tips is to enjoy your time spent with your loved ones outdoors, take all the opportunities and don’t worry and overthink everything. If you are happy, calm and collected, it will reflect right on your pet and your doggy will have a great time outdoors.
Overall, make sure that your dog knows how to behave and bring all of the necessities. If you remember those two tips, camping with dogs is going to be fun and unforgettable. And, most importantly, check if the camping site allows pets before going, otherwise the experience can get ruined for everyone involved.


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