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Adopting a Dog: What You Need to Know Beforehand

Don’t you just love those puppy videos and pictures which flood most social media platforms? I know I do. Often, the message passed in those videos is how important it is for more people to adopt dogs from shelters. Agreed, there are more dogs in shelters compared to the number of willing homes ready to cater for them. But it’s not an easy task. Getting a dog is adding a new member to your household, who demands care, attention, and love. Here’s a breakdown of what you should know before you decide to adopt a fluffy member.

Your budget

Yes, shelters don’t sell dogs but your soon-to-be fluffy friend is going to need a lot of things. Dogs are energetic beings and they come in contact with germs, this puts them at risk of infections of different kinds. This makes those visits to the vet essential and their services are not cheap.

While there are a few exceptions, your dog won’t eat exactly what you do. Dog foods are available to provide them with the nourishment they deserve. Sadly, while this doesn’t cost much, it could build-up over time to a substantial amount which could leave dents in your finances. Also, toys, beddings, and others which will make the life of your dog more pleasant are not free.

Routine change

Most dogs love to play and they crave attention. Expect the new member of your house to disrupt your routine. It would bark, toss around your bed, and even sit on your thighs licking your face without a care to the world. If you’re dealing with a project before the intrusion, be warned, it’s about to be disrupted by your dog’s need for attention.

Keeping a dog requires time

If you intend adopting a dog, it is worth noting that keeping one will require your input. This means you will need to sacrifice some of your time to train the dog and shower it with the love it thoroughly deserves.

Your personality matters

Dogs have different breeds which you will need to understand before you adopt one. Retrievers, Bulldogs, and Chihuahua are some of the many dog breeds available. Your personality could affect the relationship between you and your dog. This could be strengthened if you choose a dog breed which is compatible with your personality. Adopt a dog that makes you happy and can alter your mood with just a few licks.

Dog walks are essential

Dog walks are not just a thing, they are important. Your four-legged friend needs exercises, just like you do. Not taking your dog for a walk over a long period could affect its mobility and overall coordination. You certainly don’t want that. This means you will need to put in the effort to make this a reality. Are you ready for that? If no, you can always pay professional dog walkers to provide their services. But this activity cannot be avoided.

Your belongings might be affected negatively

Getting a dog comes with its own issues. One of such is that dogs love to attack shoes. The result is your favorite leather shoe is at a risk of getting damaged. This is not a myth; a dog when left untended, will play with anything including your footwear and this makes such susceptible to damage. There is also the unguided movement to worry about which could put your belongings in a terrible state. However, you can train your dog to give up such habits.

Those nails need to be trimmed

Dogs have nails just like you do. But that of a dog could affect its stride if left to grow out of proportion. To ensure your dog is happy and lively, cutting its nails when the need arises is unavoidable. This should be a fun-filled task though you might have to sacrifice some of your time to accomplish it.

Travelling could be a problem

The need to travel is one we have to deal with at some point. It could be due to an emergency situation involving a dear one, a ceremony which we can’t afford to miss or a vacation which has been deferred for far too long. You could take your dog along, but often, the trip could be uncomfortable for both you and your pooch. If you travel by car, leaving your dog in your parked car should not be an option for you. It is usually very hot in a car parked for a while. It gets worse as time flies. This has a negative impact on the health of your dog. Your dog could die if nothing is done quickly.

To prevent any unpleasant circumstances, you could ask a close friend or family member to help take care of the dog in your absence.

Dogs have allergies too!

Remember the trauma you felt when you suffered your first allergic reaction? Well, your dog can go through the same situation. They can show symptoms of an allergic reaction when they ingest certain food items or get in touch with fleas, smoke, mites and a wide variety of other common allergies. Certainly, you don’t want that. This means you will have to put in a lot of effort in observing their reaction to everything including their food. This allows you compile the list of items they are allergic to, and if possible, keep them away from such.

Your house could be a hairy mess

Dogs regardless of their breed have hairs just like humans, but theirs could be considered denser than ours. Those hairs will not stay on your pooch’s skin forever; that’s for sure. Many will be shed and new ones will take their place. Your home is bound to be filled with lots of hairs from your fluffy friend, you can’t avoid that. This means more cleaning and less time for other items on your schedule. Can you deal will that?

In conclusion, dogs are lovable beings. They are loyal, cheerful, and could be of immense therapeutic help. Frankly, you can’t be cajoled into not adopting one considering how lovable they are. But it’s always important to be well-informed about the consequences of your action.

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