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Dog whisperer tips: how to master dog whispering

Dog whispering entails understanding a dog and prompting him to behave the right way. It’s certainly not some abracadabra where a ‘guru’ communicates in dog language with the canine and passes the dog’s thought to his owner. Anyone can become an expert at dog whispering. It just requires some effort and adequate information to make that switch from pet owner to dog whisperer. These dog whisperer tips should have you covered if you want to become a dog whisperer.


This is the bedrock of becoming a master dog whisperer. Your ability to discern a dog judiciously creates a sort of awareness about what the pooch is saying. Because you can’t exactly read the dog’s lips. The reason why becoming an expert in dog whispering might seem like a far-fetched dream to a lot of people is purely the time it takes to masted dog whispering. Not everyone can spare such a significant portion of their time studying the behavioral patterns of dogs. The good thing is that if you keep at it, you will become a pro and might even start doing it professionally.

The basics of dog behavior

You can’t be a good dog whisperer if you don’t know the reason behind certain dog behaviors. Dogs operate in packs just like every other social animal you can think of. Evolution also sheds some light on the history of dogs especially since they share a common lineage with the gray wolf. As domesticated as a dog might appear to be, the pack structure still persists to this day.

There are different arrangements to the pack structure which dogs practice. Each has humans as integral members, but the position varies with the household. Most pet owners are not aware of this. Frankly, many dog owners are followers leaving their dog to lead the way. Yet being a dog whisperer gives you the opportunity to train a dog to follow your instructions, letting you become the alpha in your dog’s pack.

Dogs are very much informed of their position in a pack, and they put in the work. Your role as a dog whisperer is to let the dog know its place and make it respect you as the leader of the pack. Unlike the pack structure practiced by wild animals, punishments in this arrangement are nonviolent. You can scold the dog, but no beating or otherwise physically assaulting the pup.

Most dog behaviors are either allowed or taught. For instance, most dogs known to attack people have either received instructions to that effect or they were permitted to do so without being reprimanded. This is what a dog whisperer can reveal to the owner clearing the dog of all any wrongdoing and making the owner understand his or her errors.

Learning to dog whisper bridges the communication gap between you and the dog. You will be able to understand him and he will feel the same too. What most pet owners don’t understand is that dogs are ‘tone-deaf’ to whatever they are saying. And it takes a long time for them to associate certain actions or words with different behaviors.

Communicate proficiently

A well-grounded dog whisperer stands out in a gathering of pet owners in one area – communication. Many people think that canines can understand speech if tutored. However, in reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dogs are all about body language, actions, and other physical cues. So to become a master dog trainer, you need to learn the body language of a dog. This helps you attain what every dog owner desires – the dominion of their pooch. The outcome is the opportunity to teach the dog exactly what you want him to learn. For a dog, unlearning undesirable traits can be difficult, but with good communication, this can be done in no time.

A dog’s reasoning differs

One thing that has seemingly not crossed the minds of most pet owners is that dogs are not miniature humans with four legs. They are wired differently from humans. You can’t claim to know what your dog is thinking just because you’re his owner. It makes no sense. Dogs possess a unique thought process unlike ours. Where a dog owner fails in identifying the need of his furry friend, a dog whisperer would pick up that exact need. But how does he achieve this?

With a combination of adequate insight into the dog’s body language and mutual respect. To communicate proficiently with a canine, a dog whisperer needs to understand how a dog feels and the thoughts running through his head. And dogs communicate this via their body language. Ever wonder why dog whisperers are stared at with awe and respect by every dog owner. A dog whisperer understands the ultimate rule: dogs are dogs and can never act as humans regardless of their level of interaction with humans.

Affection wouldn’t do

To become a dog whisperer, you must understand that dogs are not actually moved by affection. You can love your dog so dearly and yet fail at dog whispering. Dog whispering isn’t just another course you earn certification for after attaining the minimum requirements. No, it is way past that. You need to have a strong interest in building broken bonds between humans and dogs. If it’s not something you are passionate about, you wouldn’t make much of an impact, and this negates the entire purpose of being a dog whisperer.

Most dog owners would very much like to be dog whisperers. But usually, the sacrifices are too great. Since dog whisperers need to possess the necessary vibe coupled with the knowledge of the innate attributes of dogs. And it doesn’t end there. Having a passion for the job is a prerequisite. So if you have all that or are ready to learn, hone those skills, and you should be proving your mettle at the top dog whisperer in no time.

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