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To keep your dog happy, especially if he loves to be active, you will need to provide toys for him. Because toys are the dog’s companions when you are away or too busy to hang out with your pup. Experts recommend that when getting toys for your pet, you should provide them with a variety of different toys. This helps combat the boredom that can arise from over-familiarization. And will let your dog entertain itself when you are not able to do so.

The introduction of a variety of toys for your pets doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not have favorites. They definitely will. But despite this favoritism, you still need to alternate the exposures your pup has of different playthings since this ensures the toys consistently spark the interest of your pet.

When it comes down to it, dogs enjoy toys. All the toys. They like chasing them, chewing on them and some pups even seemingly communicate with their toys. The affinity dogs have for toys has kept dog toy production companies in business, with tons of different toys being produced yearly. Which is why this article focuses on some of the best toys you can get for the dog.

KONG Rubber Dog Chew Toy

The Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy has been influential in the sphere of dog toys that bring the most value. Fondly referred to as “The KONG”, this toy is the ideal chase toy that is great for making your dog prance and bounce about in glee. This toy also serves as an excellent dog chew toy. It is one that is sure to keep the jaws of your canine delightfully busy. It is designed to endure the love bites of any dog, due to its sturdy but comfy design.

If you have a dog who is recovering from surgery, this is the ideal present for him. It will take their minds off their present immobility and provide them with something to do while they are recovering. The Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy is a must have not only because of its reputation among dogs but also for how easy it is to clean. It can be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly without any hassle.

A good way to serve your furry friend the KONG is by filling it with treats like peanut butter and freezing it. Doing this will provide that your dog is even more motivated to play with the toy to get the sweet threat out of it.

The Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy is made from premium rubber, and it is very durable. However, like most toys, it will be damaged if your dog constantly chews on it. Luckily it is cheap and therefore you can replace it every few months.


Do you have a dog renowned for his retrieving prowess? Then get the Dawg-Nut for them, it’ll be the ideal toy for a jovial, speedy dog. The Dawg-Nut is shaped in the form of doughnut and is made from solid rubber. Its thoughtful design makes it bounce in crazy ways once it hits the ground giving your pup something to do for quite some time.

Since it’s made of rubber, you can trust the Dawg-Nut to float in water. So this toy will be a treat for dogs that enjoy playing in the water as well.

Manufactured in the United States, Dawg-Nut is springy in its texture and offers no real resistance to the gums. You can purchase it one of the many bright colors it comes in. And it is available in two main size options, one crafted to suit medium dogs and the other – large dogs.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This is an amazing chew toy that has the one taste dogs can’t resist – bacon. The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy has curved in a way that it makes the task of grabbing and biting the wishbone quite easy. The ingredients that this toy is made of are bacon (of course!) and nylon majorly. In addition, there’s a great chance that it may have nuts in it too, as a result of the factory where it’s made. So keep this in mind when you buy this chew toy for your pup and make sure no one in your household has an allergy to nuts.

Chew toys are just that, they are not to be eaten, they are meant to be chewed. So with time, it will get destroyed. But thanks to the toy’s low price you can get more than one so that you can replace it once your dog has destroyed the current one.

Kong Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

The KONG Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy is another awesome creation from the dog toys giant KONG. This toy redefines the dog game of fetch with its unique design and style. As you would expect, the KONG Rubber Flyer Frisbee is made from natural rubber and is made to be durable and very flexible.

The uniqueness of the KONG Rubber Flyer Frisbee is that unlike plastic frisbees that can easily crack and splinter and therefore at the mouth of your dog, the soft rubber provides a rather comfy and suiting feel to the mouths of your pet. Without the chance of injury.

Do note that the KONG Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy is a retrieval toy and not a chew toy. Therefore do not let your dog chew this toy too much as that can end badly for your dog.

Zooma Chew-A-Ball

Finally, there also is the Zooma Chew-A-Ball. Which is tailor-made for dogs that enjoy chewing. This toy is specially and uniquely designed to handle persistent and relentless chewing from canines. And it’s even flavored using edible ingredients to make it taste good. The Zooma Chew-A-Ball also has grooves on its side to help your pup grip the toy with his teeth. And there is a handle attached to the ball to make sure you can safely play tug of war with your pup.

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