Best Indoor Dog Kennels

What is an Indoor Dog Kennel?

Most dogs are not particularly crazy about being locked up in one place and would much rather happily run around, tear the house apart at the seams and chew on your furniture, much to your chagrin. Dog parents, on the other hand, are at their wit’s end thinking of how best to humanely keep their fur in check. One terrific way to do that is to get an indoor dog kennel.

Inside dog kennels are nice and sturdy “dog apartments” with just enough room (but not too much though) for pets to be safely restrained and yet feel free to exercise. If you get your dog one of these as opposed to chaining him all day or something equally as cruel, you would have earned a gold star in dog parenting.

Why You Should Get an Inside Dog Kennel?

Dogs are den animals, and we’ve all heard that a thousand times. But beyond getting them a kennel to restrict their movement, indoor dog kennels provide a den-like environment within your own home. This is important because dogs look to their dens (kennels) for solace when stressed. If you play your cards right, your dog will come to love his kennel and find it a safe place to retreat, sleep and probably eat too.

Types of Indoor Dog Kennels:

When it comes to indoor dog kennels or inside dog kennels, there are all types. Whatever the type of your personality or sense of style or type of dog you have, there’s a suitable kennel for you. Of course, each isn’t without its own accompanying advantages and disadvantages, but that’s why we are here, to give you the scoop on every single type available. Guess the types we will be looking at today. Hint: it’s all of them! Leggo!

  • Wire Dog Crate: Although this type of dog kennel is used indoors as well, it’s mostly an outdoor gig. Show dog people love this type of crate, as well as many other pet owners, for several reasons. For one, they can be folded flat, so whenever you have to go vacationing you’re still covered. Also, it’s super easy to clean, lets in a lot of air, and does not absorb odors since its metal. Again, being metal, if your dog is an escape artist, he won’t be able to get through this one, except he’s very determined. There are still some downers with this kennel though; they are heavy, prone to rust and for reactive dogs who will have a hard time with the open sides, you’d need a cover, so airflow is canceled.
  • Plastic Dog Crate: Of all the indoor dog kennels, plastic dog kennels are probably the least attractive, you definitely cannot compare them with say, wooden dog kennels, for example. But they do have their merits though. For instance, dogs who love their privacy while they sleep would fall in love with them cos they are cozy. Plus, they are hard to escape from, they are great for flights, and easy to store when not in use. The only issue is that they are not really well-ventilated, and they can be a bit difficult to clean.
  • Soft-Sided Dog Crate: Soft-sided inside dog kennels are just sweet on several counts! If for anything at all, first and foremost, they are lightweight! This one feature already gives these guys several advantages, such as light travel, and easy storage. But then, their size also presents a problem; these cute dog kennels will only cater to cute small dogs. Also, if your dog is the curious or destructive type, errr… let’s just say he will love this kennel very much, the problem is, you won’t.
  • Heavy-duty Dog Crates: These ones are every bit as tough as they sound. Just like wooden dog kennels, they are quite expensive even though not as stylish. But in functionality, these heavy-duty guys are sturdier. If your pup is a prank king, he most definitely needs this type. Although a bit costly, they pay for themselves if you consider what you’d have to spend in replacing less sturdy kennels. PS: some of these heavy-duty indoor dog kennels are approved for flying, so if your dog has developed an attachment for his kennel, there’ll be no need to change it, making traveling much more convenient.
  • Fashion Dog Crate: When making a stylish fashion statement is a must every time, then say it with a fashion dog crate. Fashion dog crates are actually wooden dog kennels or rattan sometimes. Of all the options listed today, they are, by far, the most beautiful, and are still pretty functional as well. The only issue is that this is a no-go for dogs with destructive tendencies. They’ll push and shove and break the house down for obvious reasons. But hey, if you have a wooden themed home, (and your pup is gentle), then you should definitely get wooden dog kennels, they get the job done and still add that touch of “wow” to your home.

Getting the Perfect Sized Indoor Dog Kennel

It goes without saying, your choice of an inside dog kennel must fit your dog to a tee. Too little space and he’ll be cramped, too much space, and he’ll feel insecure. So, what do you do? Measure your dog first. How do you do it? Read and learn…

First, get your tape measure and take the measurement of your dog from his nose to the base of his tail while standing, that’s the length. Next, have your dog sit down, and then measure his height (some dogs are taller while sitting). Now, add 2 to 3 inches to both measurements, that should give you the ideal measurement for a fitting inside dog kennel.

For a puppy, instead of having to change your kennel several times as he grows, get a kennel that fits the adult-size of its breed, and then use dividers to temporarily minimize the space.

Now that we have given you an overview of what to look for indoor dog kennels, let’s now take you through our selection of some of the best dog kennels in the market.


1. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate


  • Manufacturer: Casual Home
  • Product dimensions: 30 inches x 31.5 inches x 44.5 inches
  • Materials: Wood with espresso finish
  • Color: Brown
  • Meant for: Non-chewers
  • Where can be used: Indoors only
  • Other features: Doubles as an end or side table.


Casual Home is a brand you can trust when it comes to home interior. The line of products includes things for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The company also makes furniture for pets. Casual Home is also a good fit for those who prefer natural materials. Due to its versatility, wood is being used in the making of most of the products by the company.

This wooden pet crate is one pet house you want to have in your living room or den. Wondering why we said so? Well, you already know it is a dog house, right? However, that’s not all there is to it.

For starters, it is made from a strong and sturdy wooden material that promises long-lasting use. It also has a classy espresso finish that adds an elegant look to your indoor space. And as a way to manage your space, the top of this dog kennel is a perfect spot to place your books, magazines, coasters, or mugs.

Right under that space is an enclosed wooden space where your canine can call home sweet home (provided it is a non-chewer). It provides a private, cozy and comfortable space where your pet can catch a few winks or just relax when you want it to.

Its double doors feature evenly spaced dowels that are also present all-round the cage for ample ventilation and viewing access for and to the dog.

Say, the dog wants to jump around in your living room at a time when you could use some quiet time, just show the dog the way into this kennel and fasten the doors securely using the brass lock designed for this purpose.

Don’t get anxious because this kennel is wooden. Cleaning and maintenance are super easy. All you need is a damp cloth to get the job done.

Check More Info & Buy Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate on Amazon


  • Its wooden construction and espresso finish add an elegant and classy look to your home interior while housing your pet
  • Made from durable materials that promise durability and sturdiness for long-lasting use
  • It serves well as an end or side table in indoor spaces for books, magazines, and any suitable tabletop item of your choice
  • It can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth or soft brush


  • It is not suitable for chewers or pets with a high activity level


2. Internet’s Best Wooden Dog Kennel with Pet Bed


  • Manufacturer: Internet’s Best
  • Product weight: 51.6 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Product dimensions: Internal – 20.75 inches x 33 inches x 26.5 inches
  • Materials: Wood
  • Color: Brown
  • Meant for: Non-chewers
  • Where can be used: Indoors only
  • Other features: Padded dog bed; doubles as a side table


Internet’s Best makes almost anything in kitchenware, furniture, pet accessories, and storage supplies categories. As a stickler for excellence, quality, and durability, it ensures its customers have the best user experience with its products by getting them those that are easy to use and functional. You don’t need to look too far to get a durable product in these categories. Just shop Internet’s Best’s products, because not only are they pocket-friendly, they are also sturdy and are designed to do their jobs excellently well.

So, for indoor dog kennels for sale, we suggest the Internet’s Best Wooden Dog Kennel. This dog house is not just a large indoor dog kennel. It is much more.

Place it anywhere in your home as a side or end table and hear visitors compliment your beautiful taste in exquisite and lovely furniture.

How? In addition to the traditional wooden and classy look it adds to your indoor space, this kennel comes with a classic espresso finish that gives a luxurious touch to your room. You can also take advantage of its wide topside for your favorite magazines or books, drinking glasses, coasters, and potted plants or anything you choose to place on it.

Just before we get carried away by the aesthetic value this piece of furniture brings, we should let you know that it is well-designed to house your non-chewers. (Non-chewers because we don’t want you to risk your dog taking a bite of the wooden dowels).

This dog house kennel also features a padded bed for your dog to lie or sit on comfortably. You can rest assured that your dog is as comfortable as it can be when it decides to take a nap.

If you want to keep the dog in a place, you can take advantage of the durable brass hardware to lock the kennel securely without worrying that the door will swing open and let the dog out.

So, if you have a non-chewer without a home in your home, this should bring an end to your search for the right indoor kennel, don’t you think?

Check More Info & Buy Internet’s Best Wooden Dog Kennel with Pet Bed on Amazon


  • Designed to add a luxurious feel to living rooms, dens and indoor spaces
  • Comes with a padded dog bed to keep your canine comfortable and warm
  • Features a wide topside for magazines, lamps, potted plants, books, and drinking glasses
  • Has a classy brass hardware that locks in an errant or active dog securely


  • Really active dogs may burst through the kennel and break the dowel rods if they move around viciously and too frequently


3. Confidence Pet Wooden Dog Kennel with Balcony


  • Manufacturer: The Confidence Pets
  • Product weight: 11 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20×20×18 inches
  • Materials: Wood
  • Meant for: Small dogs
  • Where can be used: Indoors only
  • Other features: Comes with a balcony


Registered in England and Wales, Sports HQ is a highly reputed trading company noted for distributing quality materials ranging from sports equipment to pet and leisure products. One of its major subsidiaries is Confidence Pet which specializes in pet accessories. The team is made up of professionals who apply great economic skills, resulting in their products having high quality and yet offered at a very affordable price. You get to enjoy more while paying less. Also, Confidence Pet has been trading in pet products for years now and has been giving its customers top quality products — One of such good quality product is the Confidence Wooden Dog House.

As the name implies, this dog house is made from wood. Unlike the metal kennels that over-expose your dogs to harsh weather conditions, the Confidence Wooden Dog Kennel provides proper shelter and insulation for your dog, especially in the cold regions. You get to be a responsible dog parent by protecting your dog from the gruesome cold during snow.

The Confidence Pet indoor kennel comes with a luxurious balcony where your dog can train and have fun (and do any other thing one does on a balcony). This is not just the regular pet house. The confidence indoor kennel is more like buying your dog its very own castle.

Also, this indoor kennel is made with furniture from high-grade lumber and stylishly crafted to give a magnificent design. As such, it performs the dual purpose of protecting your pet and also being an addition to your interior decoration. You can call that an added value bonus (winks).

Now, you are probably beginning to worry that the kennel would be too heavy to move around, right? Well, although the Confidence wooden kennel is made of actual wood, it is light. Furthermore, although it does not come as a whole, it can be easily assembled. The Confidence Wooden Pet House is extremely strong and sturdy when assembled in case you have an over-active dog that cannot help but bang against the walls.

Check More Info & Buy Confidence Pet Wooden Dog Kennel with Balcony on Amazon


  • It is made from wood which enables adequate insulation of your pet from extreme weather conditions
  • It has an added benefit of a balcony which allows your pet to play around. You can also use the area for pet training and other things
  • It has great aesthetic value as it is beautifully designed to serve as protection for your pet and as furniture for your home
  • It is light, strong and tough. As such, it does not bend or crack even if your pet hits against the inner or outer walls again and again


  • It is too small in size
  • The wood quality is not as good as expected. It wears off with time


4. Confidence Waterproof Dog Winter House


  • Manufacturer: Confidence
  • Product weight: 30.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 41.3 inches x 38 inches x 38.7 inches (Extra-large)
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Color: White exterior/blue roof
  • Where can be used: Outdoors only
  • Other features: Weather and waterproof


Confidence makes some of the best pet care products in the industry. As its name implies, its goal is to provide your favorite pets with the tender love and confidence they need. Not only does it manufacture functional products, it also factors in quality and durability in the production of each item it releases into the market. So if you are looking for that perfect home, pet bowl, or blanket for your felines, canines or any other pet you own, check out products manufactured by Confidence. We can assure you that you will get good value for your money if you go the Confidence-way.

One item from Confidence’s line of products that we think you should check out is its Waterproof Dog Winter House.

This dog house falls into the category of indoor dog kennels for large dogs because it provides a large real estate for your canines and can even accommodate up to two 100-pound or heavier Labs with enough room for the dogs to turn around, sit, and lie down comfortably.

Worried about setting it up? Relax. We can tell you for free that assembling this dog house is super easy – especially if you follow the instructions properly. Once you get it up and ready for use, you can introduce your dog to its new home.

Now to a concern you may have about this kennel: What is the fate of your buddy when it is outdoors in its kennel and the rains come? Absolutely nothing! And by nothing we mean not a single drop of rain will get to your pet because this kennel is all plastic – but strong and durable plastic. It will definitely not buckle under the weight of two 100-pound dogs and you are sure to also have waterproof flooring to keep out moisture or water that may want to seep in.

When the winter season arrives, you can decide to throw in a blanket for coziness and extra warmth.
And just in case your dog or dogs don’t need this much space, you can try out the medium or large sizes. Trust us when we say it’s the same exciting experience in those sizes as the extra-large size – the difference is only in the size.

Check More Info & Buy Confidence Waterproof Dog Winter House on Amazon


  • It features a roomy interior to accommodate up to two 100-pound Labs at the same time
  • This dog kennel is pretty easy to assemble
  • It is constructed of durable plastic that is able to withstand all kinds of weather
  • Provides a comfortable and waterproof space for your dog


  • Canines would have better ventilation if this kennel came with windows on the sides


5. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen


  • Manufacturer: Ruff ‘n Ruffus
  • Product weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 29 x 29 x 17 inches (Medium)
  • Color: Black and Blue
  • Meant for: Not specified
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Convenient carry case, and collapsible 16 Ounce food bowl


Ruff ‘n Ruffus takes pride in being a small family-owned company with their own pug running around the office. Besides taking the development process seriously, the company also has a genuine love for animals, keeping up a bulletin board with the pets of their employees. Their line consists of products that will tend to a variety of needs that dog owners might experience, from traveling to grooming to health care. Aside from dogs, the company also makes products for cats and other furry friends. Now let’s tell you a bit about its Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen, shall we?

We know you’re not a monster and you desire the safest and the best indoor dog kennels you can possibly get for your furkins and that’s why we have included the Unleashed Pets Portable Foldable Play Pen. When you need something as stylish as wooden dog kennels but for a lower price, go for this.

This kennel with its superior design works great whether outdoors or indoors. Because the top comes detachable, you can remove it when indoors, or attach it to provide shade when outdoors.

Materials used for this particular playpen are tough and resistant to tear as well as water. All seams are reinforced and protected to ensure that your pup stays safe in his cozy unit and the playpen doesn’t wear out before you can say “Jack”.

For easy access in and out of the kennel, the door comes zippered. So, all you need to do when you have to travel is zipper him shut and you’re on your way.

Inside dog kennels are best enjoyed lightweight and portable, and that’s what you have in this kennel. It is lightweight enough to easily tote your pup around and yet strong enough to withstand all the abuse from your pup’s activities in his kennel.

Now, wait for the best part. It comes with a carrying case to make porting convenient, and it also comes with a free 16-ounce food bowl!

This is the kennel, guys!
Check More Info & Buy Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen on Amazon


  • It’s made from durable, water-resistant materials, with the seams and corners reinforced and protected. This will keep your pet safe, and dry, and give both of you years of use
  • Because of its lightweight, it’s great for travel
  • It can easily work indoors or outdoors with its detachable top
  • It does not require assembly and stores easily
  • It comes with a carrying case for your convenience and a bonus 16 Ounce food bowl too


  • It has the tendency to easily tip over with an active pup but then again, he might love it just because of that


6. Petsfit IndoorPortable and Foldable Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: Petsfit
  • Product weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 36 x 24 x 23 inches
  • Color: Gray and Blue
  • Meant for: For pets up to 19 inches, small, to medium dogs
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Pad is removable and washable; lightweight and foldable.


Petsfit is a unique brand with over ten years of experience when it comes to pets and pet products. What used to be a small company in 2008, designing and manufacturing pet supplies, has blossomed into one of the biggest in the industry, owning factories and state-of-the-art production lines. Its products range from dog houses such as wooden dog kennels to pet care supplies. Selling on Amazon as well as other world-class online retail platforms, this brand has amassed for itself a teeming population of customers and fans from all over the world. And why not? The brand has proven itself with its team of brilliant and professional employees and exceptional customer service.

The Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Soft Portable and Foldable Travel Pet Crate is easily one of the best indoor dog kennels currently available in the market today. It’s specially designed to conveniently house your small to medium dogs. It can even take other pets too, this guy ain’t choose at all. So, whether it’s your dog or your cat, or even both of them together (if they can stand each other), this crate will conveniently carry them. No sweats!

For easy access, this kennel comes with two doors, so in and out movement can be very convenient. It’s got a top entrance which can be rolled up and that’s excellent because it means it works as an outdoor dog kennel as much as an inside dog kennel.

Safety isn’t something to be overlooked when it comes to your pup, hence this crate is made to be sturdy, but amazingly, still lightweight too. This means that carrying this even with your dog in it is going to be a walk in the park.

The Petsfit Indoor/Outdoor Soft Portable and Foldable Travel Pet Crate do not joke with your pet’s health, hence it’s odorless and comes with a removable soft pad. This soft pad comes washable to ensure that your pet is sleeping in a neat, comfy and hygienic place.

For adequate ventilation, check out the several mesh designs this crate comes with — Enough to ensure that your pet’s home is well aerated.

PS: Because this crate is foldable, it works not just as a crate but as an open bed as well. Is that genius or what?!
Check More Info & Buy Petsfit IndoorPortable and Foldable Dog Crate on Amazon


  • It comes with top, front and side doors, with mesh designs for increased ventilation and convenient access to your pets
  • The pad is removable and washable giving your pet a hygienic and comfy place to sleep
  • Its lightweight and foldable makes a great travel buddy
  • It does not require assembly


  • Just like wooden dog kennels, it might not be the best option for destructive pets, as with dogged determination, they will eventually get out


7. Animals Favorite Dog House


  • Manufacturer: Animals Favorite
  • Product weight: 14.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 32.3 inches width x 22 inches depth x 28 inches height
  • Materials: Plastic and Resin
  • Color: White brick-patterned exterior with blue roof
  • Meant for: Pets and dogs of all ages, activity levels, and breeds (55 pound-weight or less)
  • Where can be used: Indoors or Outdoors
  • Other features: hygienic, leak-proof, and weatherproof


Animal’s favorite is the pet’s owner’s go-to any day, because (duh-uh!), it’s the animal’s favorite and it lives up to your expectations. Whether you own a dog, rabbit, cat, or a bird, there’s almost always something Animal’s Favorite has to offer to make your pet feel at home. So, you should know by now why we chose this brand. And in case you still don’t know, it is because we are almost certain you will get good value for your money when you make a purchase for any product it manufactures.

Animal’s Favorite Dog House is a sturdy and excellent choice for every dog owner. It is a plastic kennel constructed with a protective resin material to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

As a way to ensure you can also keep your dog outdoors, this kennel is well-constructed and passes the leak-proof test. On sunny days, you can calm your horses because the walls are 10 times more insulating than those single-wall dog houses being touted on the market.

What’s more? The entire house is UV-protected and the colors won’t fade. So, come rain or shine, your dog is well protected from the elements.

We should also mention that this indoor dog kennel also has four stands underneath to keep the doghouse off the ground and a little entrance barrier to keep flowing water from getting into the house. It is quite a comfortable and safe house for your dog.

It is also roomy enough to house your dogs or other pets like your cat or rabbit. Just be sure to check your pet’s size and match it with the product’s dimensions to see if it will be a good fit.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you can rest assured it will always be a hassle-free experience. Talk about beefing up the hygiene level of the environment your dog will be playing or sleeping in.

One more! This dog house has minimal assembly requirements. A screwdriver and you are good to go. So, what’s not to love about this dog house?


  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Made from durable and UV-protected materials that provide protection from the elements
  • Sturdy and quality construction makes it leak-proof and quite easy to clean and maintain


  • Fixing the roof may be relatively difficult when assembling the dog house


8. Ollieroo Dog House Crate Wooden Kennel


  • Manufacturer: Ollieroo Inc.
  • Product weight: 18.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20.5” (Height) x 20” (Length) x 14.5” (Width) Ideal for small dogs or Puppies up to 20 inches Long and 14 inches Tall
  • Materials: Made from Natural Hardboard panels
  • Color: Pink + Blown
  • Meant for: Small-sized dogs or puppies
  • Where can be used: Indoors Only
  • Other features: Has a fluffy and soft floor mat for recreation, and fanciful windows, shaped as paw marks for ventilation.


Ollieroo Inc. is a quality manufacturer of a wide range of products that include the following categories: home and garden, pet and supplies, sport and outdoor products. If you are interested in getting good quality and value for your money, look NO further than Ollieroo.

Its dog house, the Ollieroo Doghouse, is a great choice. It’s just an example of what to expect from this brand that focuses on the delivery of quality, durable and fashionable indoor dog kennels with several exciting features.
If you’ve always been concerned about the comfort of your puppy, and perhaps tired of always chasing your pets around to prevent them from running into restricted areas and messing things up, then you need the Olliero Dog House (note that it’s NOT a large indoor dog kennel but ideal for small dogs and puppies). The Olliero dog kennel is designed like an actual house with a door where your dog can relax and feel at home.

It features a sturdy wooden construction. So if your dog is the active type, you can rest easy that everything won’t crumble as it bangs on it with its weight. This one is durable too. You won’t have to replace it for a long time, saving you cash for use on other important things.

You don’t want your dog living in filth, do you? We know the answer: You don’t. So cleaning is a must and the manufacturers thought of a way to make your life easier and decided to make both the bottom and roof removable. Clean everything up to your heart’s content and then re-assemble. Easy, isn’t it?

Its two-tone finish means you don’t have to look for a rarely-seen spot to hide it. It can take center stage because it’s handsome enough to be seen.

Now of what use would all that be if it doesn’t perform excellently in keeping your canine friend comfortable in inclement weather? It checks this rather well too. Wait, there’s still more…

What about when your doggie friend needs to take a nap? Would he have to do it on the hard floor? No way! This one comes with a soft dog mat.

So there you have it – A beautiful dog house with great functionality at a price that leaves the smile on your face.


  • Straightforward assembly – All it takes are four simple steps
  • Soft dog mat for your dog to sleep comfortably
  • Durable thanks to its sturdy construction
  • Detachable bottom and roof for easy cleaning


  • Some dogs might be able to unlatch the door with their nose



Indoor dog kennels are excellent options for restricting your dogs around the house, but when you count the fact that dog is den animals, then you might find out that they are actually must-haves. Hopefully, you’ve gained a few tips on getting the best inside dog kennel for your furkin from our guide. Have fun picking one for your pup and make sure you get that “woof!” of approval from him before you click “order”.


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