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Stackable Dog Crate Safety Tips

When it comes to dog crates, pet owners have a wide range of choice in terms of design, material, and color these days. Amongst the options available are stackable dog crates. These are ideal for those that breed dogs or run a dog kennel as well as those with multiple dogs that require their own separate crates.

With high quality stackable dog crates, you get an interlocking feature so that you can lock the crates to one another for increased stability and safety. This makes them ideal for housing a number of dogs without taking up amounts of space and without fear of any of the crates falling and causing an injury to the dog.

Safety tips to bear in mind

Whether you run a dog kennel, you are a breeder, you run a grooming salon, or you are a multi-dog household, buying stackable dog crates can save you a lot of space while ensuring the dogs are comfortable, safe, and secure. There are a number of key safety points that you should keep in mind when it comes to these stackable crates. This includes:

  • Always buy high quality: When it comes to dog crates, you should always invest in high quality no matter what type of crate you are buying. However, with stackable ones, this is even more important because you don’t want any problems arising that could cause injury or upset to the dogs that are in the stacked crates. Always make sure you invest in quality and check reviews from other users for added peace of mind.
  • Make sure you buy interlocking crates: Don’t attempt to stack regular dog crates on top of one another, as this simply puts the dogs in a dangerous environment. If one of the crates slips and falls it could cause chaos and injury. Therefore, make sure you purchase proper stackable crates that are designed for stacking and come with an interlocking feature for enhanced stability.
  • Put heavier dogs at the bottom: Just as a precaution, when you use stackable dog crates make sure you put the heavier, bigger dogs in the bottom crates. Many will struggle to get into the upper crates. In addition, it is safer for the heavier animals to be on the lowest levels and the smaller, lighter ones at the top.
  • Make sure you check the maximum weight: It is important that you check the maximum weight advised when you buy stackable dog crates. You don’t want to be putting a 70 pound dog into a crate that is only designed for a 50 pound dog, as this could pose a danger to the dog in question and the other animals in the stacked crates.

Making sure you take these safety tips into consideration will help to ensure the health and happiness of your dogs when they are in stackable crates. It also means that you can make the most of your space while providing your dogs with a comfortable and secure environment.


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