Most popular small dog breeds

The times when we decided to purchase and own a dog solely for safety reasons have passed. Large watchdogs used to be the main reasons for owning a dog, but now people are looking for an addition to their family rather than someone to guard their property. So, small dog breeds are becoming more and more popular.


Beagle is a medium sized dog, which originated as a hunting dog. They can be distinguished by their color. Beagles are white with light brown, dark brown and sometimes even black patches, which are relatively large in size. And also, they have large ears. They are very gentle-natured and family friendly dogs.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terriers originated in England as a vermin hunter dogs but since have become fashionable lap dogs. Although small they can be very loud as Yorkshire Terriers have very confident and overprotecting nature. It has very long, straight and silky coat, in a mixture of various shades of brown. As they grow their coat very long, several different styles have originated and their coats are cut and styled making it a recognition mark for Yorkshire terriers.

Toy poodle

Poodle as a breed of dogs is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, but the Toy Poodle is the only one which is considered to belong to the small dog breeds. They have originated from England and are considered to be aristocratic. Although large poodle breeds of dogs are great family dogs and great with children, the toy poodle is not as well with children. Overall, they are extremely intelligent and obedient dogs.

French bulldog

French bulldogs are a mixture of a bulldog and a French ratting dog, hence their specific appearance. They look like a normal bulldog, but with bigger ears. Overall, French bulldogs are extremely active and playful and are great with children as this is one of the best breeds of dog to have if you have children.


Already from its name, we can tell that Dachshund is a breed which originated in Germany. They are also called sausage dogs due to appearance, as Dachshund breed has short legs and long bodies. This breed is very intelligent but a little more aggressive than others, as they are often used as hunting dogs and need to be wise and aggressive.

Miniature schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer originated from Germany as a smaller version of original Schnauzer. Their nature is very playful, active and at the same time, they are extremely alert and aware of their surroundings , making them great family dogs and guardians. Although they are loud and might express themselves at every opportunity, these dogs won’t attack and be aggressive. They can be distinguished due to their beard-look hair around their muzzle.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is one of the small dog breeds which has originated from China. They have very similar hair to Yorkshire terrier, long and straight, but in a much lighter color. They are the perfect breed if you are looking for a family dog, as Shih Tzu’s are very gentle and playful. They are also called “mini lion” due to their coat.


The Pomeranian has originated in middle Europe but has been a favorite to many aristocrats and nobleman. This breed has remained to be one of the most popular small dog breeds because they are very playful, lively and intelligent dogs. Not to mention how adorable this breed is. They have a very sweet face and are just like little fluff balls.

Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdogs are a Scottish breed of dogs, which are extremely intelligent and are great at different sports. And they will not only make great athletes but are also excellent family pets as they are not aggressive and will be gentle with kids.


The Maltese is one of the most popular breeds of dog and has gained popularity over the past years as it is great for people who have allergies, due to the fact that they don’t shed a lot. They are extremely friendly and will get along with other pets, including cats. But Maltese dogs cannot be left alone for too long as they need interaction with others. They can be distinguished because of their snow white coat.


These dogs are known for their attitude. Hence they are not the best option for families with children. They tend to be very loud and expressive, and even demanding. But although they might be more aggressive than others, this breed is very loyal and affectionate towards the owner. Overall, this small dog can cause a lot of noise, but it can also be a very great and loyal companion.


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