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What You Need to Know When Buying Your Pup and Dog Costumes

Are you going shopping for your pups and dogs? Your dogs’ safety should be on your top list. There are several vital factors to consider such as your dog’s weight, your dog size, hobbies, and personality.

  1. Take the weight of your dog before buying their costumes.
    You need to do this! Weigh your dog before going shopping. This would help you buy outfits proportional to the weight of your dog!
  2. Buy costumes that fit!
    Knowing your dog’s size would help you choose the costumes that would best fit them. Always go for lightweight outfits. They help your dogs move freely and breathe well. Do well to observe your dogs’ reaction after putting the costumes on them. If they frequently hit their claws on the costume, it’s a sign they don’t like it. Remove the costume right away! Heavy costumes can cause problems for your dogs – like injuring them, making them overheat, stumbling and getting tangled. Also in choosing costumes for your dogs and pups, do not buy costumes made entirely of cotton or wool.
  3. Do not buy costumes with added features like buttons and plastic objects.
    These could choke your dogs or even hurt them if they pull out or eat them.
  4. Do not buy noisy costumes
    Your dogs could easily get exhausted with noise from noisy outfits, avoid such costumes. If you have one already, check out your dog’s performance while it’s on them. Any sign of pawing or pacing is telling you to pull it off them!
  5. Pet supply shops are cheaper!
    Picking your dog costumes from a pet supply shop is more affordable and better than having it done in a traditional Halloween Shop. Pet supply stores offer you a variety of dog costumes!
  6. You could visit Halloween Costume Shop
    Halloween shops offer you a range of costumes for your dogs. Be on the lookout for Halloween shops with a good return policy, in case the outfit doesn’t fit your dog, or your dog doesn’t like them. Also, you need be careful in checking the safety of costumes you pick from Halloween Shop – most of these shops are not concerned about the safety of dog costumes they sell.
  7. You could search online
    This is another option. You’d get a variety of safety costumes online for your dog and pups – such as dog costumes with features of shiny collars that could help you keep an eye on your dog at night. You might be faced with some challenge. Knowing the size to order is a bit difficult! This is why you must search online on time, so you will have enough time to order and test for fitness of the costumes on your dogs. Also, look out for shops with a good return policy.
  8. Buy outfits that fit your dog’s personality
    Is your dog a food lover, an explorer or a protector? You need to iron these out to find the best costumes for your dog and pup. If he’s a protector, buy police-like costumes, Batman or Superman costumes. If he’s the food type, buy Hot dog costumes or Pumpkin costumes; and if he’s an explorer, dress them like a sailor or pirate!

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