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Flying with a dog

Flying can be stressful experience on its own. But, if you are flying with small children or pets, it becomes even more stressful and now you have to take into consideration not only your own wellness but also the feelings and comfort of your children or pets. Flying with pets also requires that you carry out your research beforehand, as there are special accessories and requirements that you need to meet to take your dog on the plane with you.

Taking your doggie with you in-cabin.

When flying with a pet there is an option to take it with you on board the plane, rather than placing them in the baggage unit. But, in order to do so, your pet has to be a certain size. Your doggie has to be small enough to fit under the seat comfortably. All airlines have strict regulations and rules when it comes to the size of the pet carriers. As each airline differs in the interior you have to check each time for the specific measurements. However, most of the time, doggies under fifteen pounds do fit all the requirements and can be taken in-cabin. And therapy or service dogs are exceptions because they do not have to be a specific size to reside in-cabin department of the plane.

Consider the characteristics of your furry friend

Not all pets are going to be great travel companions, and even though you might want to enjoy your trip with your dog, sometimes the best idea is to leave your doggie home with someone watching after it. In order to have a pleasant trip your pet has to have the right temperament to fly, otherwise, even all the preparation form the owner’s side will not help. Before taking the trip and going to the place consider if your pet is fine with being surrounded by strange people and even other animals and if such situations will not cause high stress to your dog. Moreover, some airlines do require your puppy to be trained and quiet throughout the flight, otherwise, you might not be even let on the plane.

Find the perfect pet carrier

A pet carrier is a must when you are taking your dog on the plane. There are many different regulations and rules which need to be taken into consideration when choosing a pet carrier. Otherwise, the airline might not let your board with your puppy. And, each time you are flying you needs to research the specific airline, as each company differs and has their own set of rules. And, do not try to place your pet in a carrier which is too small. Not only your doggie will feel uncomfortable throughout the trip, but many airlines will not let you fly with your pet if a carrier is too small.

Bring all the necessities

As often airplanes do lose your baggage and you are left with just the carry-on, you need to think beforehand and pack all of the necessities for your furry friend in the bag you are taking on the plane as well. Have enough food, toys and treats to last you for several days in case you actually do lose your luggage. And, during the flight, make sure that you have enough toys and water for your doggy to last the whole flight. A great idea is to bring a non-spill water carrier which will be great also in car trips after the flight.

Call the airline before the flight

Before flying you must contact the airline and make them aware of the fact that you are going to be flying with your pet. Some airline has regulations which allow only certain amount of pets’ in-cabin and there is a set limit. Therefore, you might not be allowed to fly with your pet in the cabin with you if you have not contacted the company beforehand and reserved your space.

You might be charged extra fees

Almost all airlines will charge you extra for having a pet on board with you, and it can get quite expensive. Depending on the company you are flying with, it can cost as much as hundred dollars in addition to your regular ticket. And, you have to take into consideration the fact that you might be also charged for having extra luggage, which is the pet carrier. Therefore, if you are not ready to pay large sums for transportation of your dog, do not take your doggy with you on the trip.

Bring all of the necessary documents with you

Similarly, as you need your passport and documents, your pet should have all their documents also. You should definitely bring health certificate from the vet, proving that your dog is healthy and is not treat to anyone. Also, you need a certificate proving that your doggie has gotten all of the necessary shots and vaccinations that are required. And on top of that, you need to have a doggy passport, showing all of the information about your pup and who is the owner, which will indicate that no criminal activity has taken place and proving that the pet is actually yours.

All in all, each time you are considering flying with your pet, be sure you carry out research and look up what the specific airline requirements are. Make sure you pack all of the necessities, food, toys, and water, and bring all of the documents and certificates indicating your pet’s health is fine and that the pet is actually your. And lastly, do take into consideration your pet’s characteristics and whether your puppy is the right companion for traveling via a plane. Some pets aren’t meant for traveling and you shouldn’t get upset about it. You should not force anything upon your doggy, otherwise, the trip will be miserable for you and your furry friend.


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