Dog Summer Safety Tips

Dog Summer Safety Tips

Summer! The season of the year when everyone including your furry friend looks to enjoy some outdoor time. It’s warm, inviting and packed with activities making it worth the wait for everyone.

But with summer comes elevated temperatures. Because the sun enjoys summer just like everyone else. What’s the problem then? Well, your dog’s physique isn’t built to withstand rising temperature, unlike your body. Fur that most dog breeds have is rather redundant in a heat wave. And while it will warm your pooch when its cold, it also hinders the dog’s ability to cool off in the summer heat.

Which is why we looked at some summer safety tips that will help you and your dog maximize this warm outdoor season.

Watch out for diseases

Summer is the period when your pet is most susceptible to ailments of different forms. Parasites, insects, and worms make their comeback during this season. This is expected considering the weather condition during the summer. And your dog depends on you to protect it from these vectors and disease-carrying organisms. Therefore a visit to the vet should definitely be on your agenda before the summer heat hits.

Sensitive paws

The paws of your dog are nothing like the hoofs of domestic animals like goats and horses. They are sensitive and need adequate care and protection. Especially during the summer. So keep your dog away from hot surfaces like metal, sands, etc. Because you definitely don’t want your dog suffering from heat burns this summer.

Sunscreen is key

Just like you need sunscreen to avoid getting sunburns, you should apply the same precautionary measure to your dog as well. Especially if your pooch is a breed with a sparse distribution of fur. Also, always opt for a sunscreen which is safe for dogs and that is meant to be used on dogs. Since not all sunscreens can be used on dogs and some might even cause allergic reactions and other health problems for your pup.

Parked car – ticking time bomb

Never leave your dog alone in your car. Those are words each and every dog owner should live by because in most cases the outcome is catastrophic. Heat builds up in a car faster than you can possibly imagine. This happens regardless of the weather condition. But in the summer, the rate at which the heat buildup happens is particularly alarming. And the consequences of dog heat exposure are much worse than you can envisage. From difficulty breathing to increased heart rate, the scenario is mind-numbing. Therefore if you need to step out of your car for a few minutes crack the window or better yet take your pup with you. Better safe than sorry, don’t you think?

Untended swimming time is a no-no

Ah, pool time. It’s the best. Dogs, unlike their feline counterpart, love water. Your dog will jump into the water whenever he has the chance. To ensure your dog can swim. And if he can’t, train him to enjoy such a fun outdoor activity with its cooling effect. Or purchase a dog life vest to aid him while your pup is swimming. Also, clean him up after his time at the pool or lake to avoid the impacts of water treatment chemicals. And lastly, never leave your dog unattended while he’s in the water.

Quench his taste

Summer comes with the frequent need to drink water. Because while your furry friend is enjoying some fun in the sun, his body heat builds up extremely quickly. And the repercussions of high body temperature are severe in dogs since it can culminate in death if the situation is not nicked in the bud. So giving your dog enough water is crucial as it will you help reverse the rising body temperature much faster than panting will.

Shade keeps the vet at bay

Summer brings forth heat like no other. And just like you take solace in your home or any other enclosure to stay away from the sun’s full impact, your pooch deserves the same treatment. Don’t mistake his fur coat for an umbrella – it isn’t. When the sun’s intensity feels atrocious to you, keep your dog indoors. But if you’re outdoors and that’s not an option, find the closest shade and have your furry friend stay put.

Use the leash wisely

Dogs are often mystified by the spectacles and activities that make summertime memorable. So make sure you get a grip on your dog when you are outside. Especially during his walks. You don’t want any accidents or unsolicited surprises to happen. And since the leash is an invention made specifically for this purpose use it.

Burn those calories

Summer is the season when people flock to gyms to get their bodies beach-ready. Everyone wants to keep fit during the summer. And your dog should do too. While winter is usually a killjoy for physical activity and remaining active, summer is the reverse. Therefore help your dog burn off that winter fat. The gains of doing so are numerous. From the inclusiveness, it provides to the health benefits associated with it. Frankly, you shouldn’t even have to think about it. Just let your dog burn off those winter calories.

Open window – danger

Leaving your windows open during the day might seem like a good idea. The weather is hot, and the wind is cooling, so why not, right? But add your dog’s safety to this equation and it’s not that good of an idea anymore is it. Because a window without any form of the barrier can become a hazard and result in unpleasant accidents. So either leave your windows open in a way that there is no chance for accidents. Or equip them with window screens that will also prevent them.

No loud noises, please

Loud noises might not bother you. But for your dog, it’s different. The ears of a dog are hypersensitive. If there’s a sudden loud noise, it can trigger severe traumatic symptoms such as fear and confusion in dogs. Therefore treat your canine with respect and avoid unnecessary loud noises. He is a member of your family after all and should be treated as such.


Summer is fun. But it also has several challenges when it comes to the safety of your dog. So the tips outlined in the article above should help make summer enjoyable and trouble-free for you and your pup.

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