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Tips for transporting your dog on motorcycle

The popularity of motorcycles are increasing each year, and it has become one of the most popular types of transportation. American spend as much as over eighteen billion each year on motorcycles including the maintenance of them. And, dog owners seem to spend almost the same amount on their furry friends, accessories, food and all of the necessities. Motorcycles and pets are more profitable industries than video games, movies, and even music industry. Therefore it is only natural that finding how motorcycles can be enjoyed by our furry friends is obligatory and needed.

Motorcycle riding with our furry friends have become widespread and popular in more and more states and is perceived as a norm if you own both motorcycles and pets. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, before taking a trip around the block or going on road trips with a doggie, you need to train your pet to safely go motorcycle riding and prepare yourself and your bike for the upcoming trip.


First of all, you need to realize that our pets are differently made than humans, and they cannot hold on by themselves, therefore we need to consider the best safety and security option for our doggie. As we need to ensure that the pet does not fall off of the motorcycle, we need some sort of safety belts, similar to those used in cars. But, you also need to teach your pet to be good and sit calmly and behave on the back of the bike. Because even with the safety straps your pet can obtain injuries if not sitting calmly and obediently.

But, if your pet is not ready to be driving on the passenger seat of the motorcycle, you might want to invest in a sidecar. This is a lot safer transportation way for pets, which are just starting to travel around using via motorbikes and are not ready to sit on the back seat of the motorbike. The sidecar will give protection and even though it is not necessary to buckle up your pet when driving in sidecar it is advised, so your pet does not jump out of it while driving, or acquire any injuries when you have to hit the brakes.

But, no matter the method you are using, a must and an absolute necessity for any dog riding a motorcycle is eye protection. It is impossible for humans to ride a bike without special glasses, and same is with our pets. A perfect solution is a pair of regular swimming goggles or clear safety glasses with a strap. And, remember that you have to get your pet used to wearing glasses otherwise it can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress to the pup. Also, make sure that your pet is not easily scared by motor noises and that the ride will not cause a lot of stress altogether.

If you have a smaller dog breed

Beagles, Yorkies and even poodles are among the most popular dog breeds and they are also representatives of smaller dog breeds. When transporting smaller pets you cannot expect them to sit on the seat and hold on while driving and they are also a little bit too small to be transported into a sidecar. Pet carriers are a simple, but a very appropriate solution for these breeds, and other small dog breeds.

There are several types of carriers. Front carriers, which are very similar to the baby carriers and attach to the front of the motorcycles. The other type, cargo carriers, are attached to the back of your motorcycle. A less popular option is a backpack carrier, which goes on the owners back. Whichever is your choice, make sure that you attach safety straps to your pet and your pet is strapped into the unit in order to avoid any accidents and trauma.

All in all, when transporting your pet on a motorcycle you have to take into consideration that some effort and training is going to be necessary, as motorbikes are a new and unknown item for your pet. You need to make sure that your pet feels comfortable and as little stress as possible during the ride. And you also need to ensure that you have provided enough safety and the appropriate buckling system and transportation equipment to your dog according to the size of your pet. But if you are cautious and follow all these tips then motorbike riding can become a pleasant process for both – you and your pet.


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