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Dog grooming 101

If you’re an owner of a specific breed of puppy you might notice that with time your puppy won’t look like those photos you saw online while researching the perfect breed for your lifestyle and preference. Even if your pet isn’t of any specific breed, you might notice that their nails get long quite fast and their coat needs some washing, because it stinks from afar.

It is because just like humans, doggies also need to have their grooming and bath time once in a while. Especially those specific breed dogs, that have their own kind of haircuts, because if you just let their fur to just grow, after a while you won’t be able to distinguish the breed of your pet. But, it can get quite overwhelming for an inexperienced pet owner, to get used to the grooming process, so here are some dog grooming tips, which all pet owners should know, as grooming your pet will not only keep your pup clean and tidy looking, but it can also help you to discover skin irritations, rashes and even different infections that you dog might have.


The haircuts and the regularity of them depends majorly on the breed of your dog. Some breeds don’t require any hair trimming and shaving at all, or require minimal attention. But some breeds with more specific coats require a lot of attention and grooming. Especially if your pet has a very thick and long coat and summer is approaching because your dog as will feel bad during the warmer months with all of that excess fur. Also, many breeds have their specific “hairstyles” which make them special and unique, and are usually maintained by the owners.


If you don’t have the time or resources to regularly provide your pet with a trim, then try to at least find time to bathe your pet. Regular bathing can help your pet with any skin or coat problems, and keep the coat healthy and in good condition. But, there are few guidelines which should be followed when you bathe your pup at home:

  • Your pet can be bathed in either sink, tub, or even outside if the weather is appropriate;
  • You will need a specialized dog shampoo and conditioning, which is chosen accordingly to the fur structure and type of your pet;
  • Be careful with the water temperature – lukewarm water works the best;
  • Be careful and avoid products getting into your pet’s eyes and mouth;
  • Make sure you rinse your pet’s fur well;
  • If you choose to use a hair dryer, use it with caution as your pet might feel uncomfortable and even get burns for the tool.


When you are brushing your pet you need to consider the coat and the natural way their coat is growing. Also, you need to choose the right tools for this job. Many pets find the brushing process pleasing and enjoy it, but it is also very beneficial to their coat. All of the excess fur needs to be brushed out regularly to avoid mops and tangled fur, especially if you own a long haired pet. Also, the brushing can be a helpful tool in detecting parasites and bugs like ticks, which can be harmful not only to the pet but also to the owner.

Nail Trimming

One of the most important parts of the pet grooming is nail trimming. Overgrown nails can cause a lot of pain and suffering for your pet, as they can break, split and even be torn away. Moreover, overgrown nails can cause discomfort and a lot of injuries to the pet while they are walking, running. And, if these arguments were not convincing enough, overgrown nails can scratch the owner and can ruin your floors and furniture. So you should really trim your pet’s nails once in a while. Just remember that when you are trimming your pets’ nails, use tools which are intended for this job, otherwise you can cause unnecessary injuries and stress to yourself and to your pet.

Ear cleaning and care

And lastly, ear cleaning and care. As we all know ears serve dogs as a tool for communication and to better understand the surroundings. But, they are also susceptible to different infections, wax buildup, yeast and fungal infections and the list goes on. So we need to clean our pets ears with an extra care. And always use special products and tools for ear cleaning, that are specially made for this purpose.


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