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Bike Riding with Your Dog: Is it Possible?

There are many people that love to get some exercise and get around on their bicycles. There are also those that love spending time taking their beloved pet dogs out on walks. So, if you are a dog owner and a fan of cycling, how about combining the two? Is it even possible to go bike riding with your dog?

Okay, before you rush out and invest in a bicycle made for two in the hope that your pooch will sit at the back peddling furiously, stop! It is possible to indulge in bike riding with your dog but there are some things that you need to bear in mind. First off, the way to do this is to invest in products such as a dog bike leash, so that your dog can trot alongside the bicycle while you are riding it. You can then enjoy combining your love of cycling and your love of spending time outdoors with your pet.

Some key points to bear in mind

When it comes to biking riding with your dog, there are a number of key points that you need to bear in mind to ensure your safety, the safety of your pet, and the safety of other people. Some of the key points to remember include:

  • Choosing a safe place: If you are going cycling with your dog, don’t choose a busy main road to cycle on! You need to select where you cycle carefully if your dog is coming along. Choose nice open spaces where he can explore and take in the surroundings in safety while you enjoy taking in some fresh air while cycling. Also, choose times and areas that are quiet so that you can make the most of your time rather than your dog being distracted and trying to chase everything that moves – which could end up with you and your bike being dragged to the ground.
  • Go at the right speed: Avoid the temptation to pretend you are in the Tour de France when you are on your bike with your dog tagging along. You need to go at a nice gentle pace so that your dog can easily keep up and is not being pulled along. Remember, this should be pleasant for your dog as well as for you.
  • Make sure your dog is comfortable: It is important to ensure that your dog is comfortable with coming along on your bike rides, as otherwise, it will just become a stressful experience for him. If he seems unhappy about it then it obviously isn’t for him – don’t force him into it. Also, even if he does like it make sure that his leash is not too tight, that he has plenty of room without being too close to the wheels and pedals, and that he is comfortable with the speed that you are going at.

As long as you consider these key points, going cycling with your dog in tow can actually be a fun experience for both of you.


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