Best Soft Sided Dog Travel Crates

What are Soft-Sided Dog Travel Crates?

Well, there are all kinds of dogs and correspondingly, there are all kinds of dog crates. Today, we will be zeroing in on soft dog crates or soft-sided dog travel crates.

A lot of people might be of the opinion that soft dog crates are a waste of time and money but that’s because they do not understand what soft sided dog crates are and what they were made for.

Generally, soft dog crates, as their names suggest, are made of fabric, hence the name “soft-sided”. They are usually lightweight, super versatile, and quite comfortable. Seeing all these features, you should be able to deduce that soft dog crates or collapsible dog crates (as they are otherwise called) are for crate-trained, well-behaved dogs.

They are also great for nervous or anxious pups because the nature of the material of the crate will prevent them from injuring themselves, unlike the metal crates.

In this guide, we will explore all the major aspects of a soft-sided dog travel crate and show you how you can work it to fit your pup.

Advantages of Soft Sided Dog Travel Crates

Portability: Because soft dog crates are typically lightweight, they make very portable dog travel crates. Many of them are collapsible too, so packing them into a suitcase when traveling is possible and convenient.

Ventilation: Anyone will get nervous and troubled if trapped in a space without ventilation, and that’s another reason soft sided dog crates are excellent options. They come with mesh windows and doors which makes it easy for air to flow in and out of the crate. Aside from letting in air, dogs will feel less trapped if they can see what’s going on around them.

Style: Soft dog crates are highly fashionable being made out of fabric. Unlike metal and plastic, it’s a lot easier to see very many unique styles of soft dog crates that will suit your personality and lifestyle fabulously, unlike with metal and plastic crates.

Affordability: Soft-sided dog crates are way less expensive than metal and plastic. This way, whatever happens, replacing won’t be such a horrifying idea since the initial investment was only little in the first place.

Disadvantages of Soft Sided Dog Travel Crates

Ease of Cleaning: Of course fabric will always be harder to clean than metal or plastic. Should there be a fecal accident, for instance, it’s going to take a lot to get it cleaned? And then there’s the odor to contend with too. Thankfully, though, most are machine washable.

Durability: You definitely cannot compare the sturdiness of metal or plastic to fabric. The former will typically last longer. Soft dog crates will rip easily especially if your dog is the doggedly desperate type. Hence, the reason we emphasize that soft dog crates are best for well-behaved, crate-trained dogs.

Things to Consider Before Picking Soft Sided Dog Crates

There are different types of collapsible dog crates, so it’s a smart choice to be sure of what you want and what will be best for your dog (more importantly) before you get into the market. Here are a few things to consider:

Size of your dog: When getting your dog a crate, it is important that you get him something that he will feel comfortable in. It shouldn’t be too tight for him but then it shouldn’t be too spacious too so he doesn’t feel insecure. Also, check for the capacity of the crate and see what size of dog it can carry before you buy.

For smaller dogs, you can even get away with either a simple pet carrier or even a bag of some sort instead of a traditional dog crate. Although dog crates still work, a carrier might be a better fit for smaller dogs.

Purpose of purchase: Why are you looking for a dog crate? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? If indoor, almost any crate will do, but if outdoors, then you have to look for a crate that is especially sturdy and able to withstand harsh conditions.

Airline Travel: Different airlines have their different guidelines for dog crates on the plane and even manufacturers themselves will usually specify if their crate is good for airline travel or not. Unlike pet carriers which look a lot like bags or totes, dog crates are more likely to not be allowed on flights due to size.

For some airlines though, you’d be allowed to carry the crate under your seat as an extra item but the best option is to go for a great airline dog carrier from the start.

How to Choose the Right Sized Soft-Sided Dog Crate for Your Dog

Perhaps, the most important factor when choosing a dog crate is to pick something that’s right for your pup’s size. And it isn’t just about weight, it’s about his height, width, and length. Quickly, let’s see how you can measure your dog and get him the right sized collapsible dog crate.

  1. To get your dog’s accurate length, measure from the tip of his nose to his tail and then add about 2 to 4 inches to ensure that there’s enough room for him in the crate
  2. As for the width, add two extra inches, if your dog is a small dog. But if you have a large one, then add up to four inches, also for the sake of room
  3. To measure your pup’s height, begin from the top of his head and measure down to the ground. And then add about an inch or two, to ensure maximum comfort. If your dog has erect ears though, instead of measuring from the top of his head, measure from the tip of his ears instead, adding an inch or two as well

NB: Do not forget to take into consideration the weight of your dog too when choosing a crate. It is as important as his size.

Finally, if you aren’t certain that a soft-sided dog crate is the best dog travel crate option for your pup, consider the following: is your dog well behaved? Do you both travel frequently? Do you plan on going for road trips often? If you answered yes to all of these, then you most likely need a soft dog crate.


1. Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier


  • Manufacturer: Mr. Peanut’s
  • Product weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 23.6 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Materials: Oxford 600D Fabric
  • Color: Blue
  • Where can be used: Both
  • Other features: Aluminum frames make it expansible and secure; enough windows for adequate ventilation; padded fleece for comfort; machine washable; lightweight and fashionable; softly rounded corners to protect home and vehicle décor


At Mr. Peanut’s, the goal is to promote animal welfare by providing pets and pet owners with the best pet products that are safe, cruelty-free and eco-friendly. And because this brand is very committed to this cause, it goes beyond manufacturing for business to donating and funding rescues and animal welfare organizations. Being a family-owned business, there’s a more personal approach to the manufacture of products, with each one coming out unique and tailor-made to suit each dog and its owner. Its products are excellent, and satisfaction is always guaranteed. Customer service is also fantastic, so as a customer, you’d definitely love your time out at Mr. Peanuts.

The feeling of being trapped with no means of escape is something that could sure scare anyone, especially your pet and that’s why you need to get the especially roomy dog travel crate: Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier with Steel Frame.

With the aluminum frame, this collapsible dog crate comes fully expansible and yet fully secure for your pet while you move around. And for his comfort, the crate comes with a padding made of fleece to keep your pet absolutely comfortable while he’s in his crate.

Coming with windows on all sides, your pup will definitely have as much ventilation as he needs. And to make sure that he is always calm, especially for the jumpy ones, each window is covered with a mesh that’s darkened to ensure that your pet is kept calm.

You know how pets can be when they get excited, especially when they love their new home, they may start to roll around in the crate, sometimes across the floor, other times across the walls, or even the leather seats (if in a vehicle). Thankfully, this crate comes with rounded corners, so, however they choose to roll, your home/vehicle décor will be just fine.

It’s very fashionable and lightweight. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean since it’s machine washable. The padding to is easy to clean as well, being made of fleece.

Please note that this soft dog crate is NOT for airline travel.


  • The Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier comes with aluminum frames to ensure that the carrier is fully expansible as well as secure for your pet
  • It comes with windows on all sides so your pet gets adequate ventilation
  • Its corners are fully rounded to protect your home and vehicle décor
  • This collapsible dog crate is very fashionable, lightweight and super easy to clean


  • Unfortunately, although this soft dog crate is outstanding in quality and performance, it’s not suitable for airline travel, and the mesh at the windows can easily get destroyed if your pet is “clawy” or chewy


2. EliteField Folding Soft Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: EliteField
  • Product weight: Not specified
  • Product dimensions: 36 x 24 x 28 inches
  • Materials: 600D fabric
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Where can be used: Both
  • Other features: Large and roomy; three doors for ventilation; removable, and washable cover and bed; stable steel frames; easy to set up and fold down (no tools required); comes with an adjustable padded shoulder strap


Providing only quality pet products and services for over 14 years now, EliteField has earned a respectable name for itself in the pet care industry. Ranking number one across several online retail platforms, this brand has enjoyed a plethora of positive reviews from numerous customers on these various platforms. Its customer care team is first class and is even on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help customers like you get the best of its products particularly suited to your needs and those of your pet. This is one pet brand to shop with!

This is one of the biggest 36-inch soft dog crates you’ll probably ever come across. So, already, the Elitefield 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate has the advantage of giving your dog enough room to roam and play without feeling claustrophobic.

It takes barely seconds to set up and fold down and you don’t even need any tool to get all that done. Impressive!
Being made of strong steel tubes, the frame gives this beautiful dog travel crate stability as well as makes it secure for your pet. It’s extremely durable, and coming with three doors (with mesh) at the top, side, and front, you can be sure that this crate will definitely be well aerated for your little pup.

For your pup’s hygiene, the manufacturers decided to make the bed and cover removable and machine washable. You can do this as often as you want to ensure that your furkin is staying under only the best and healthiest of conditions.

For easy lugging, this soft dog crate comes with a padded shoulder strap. And to give you options, the strap is fully adjustable allowing you to carry the crate conveniently just the way you like it.

When folded, this crate only takes up 3 inches in height which makes it super easy to transport and store!


  • It’s a large 36-inch soft dog crate that’s roomy enough to give your pet’s space without feeling cramped
  • It sets up and folds down easily in seconds. It’s super breezy and doesn’t take your time or require tools
  • Its frame is made of steel tubes for stability
  • It comes with three doors, at the top, front and side, to ensure adequate aeration
  • The fleece bed and cover are removable and washable
  • It comes with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap that affords you the convenience of lugging the crate however you like
  • With only 3 inches in height when folded down, this collapsible dog crate is really easy to store and transport


  • It would appear that the mesh and zipper on this dog travel crate isn’t as heavy duty as some would have hoped. But then again, soft dog crates are for well-behaved dogs, so if your pup is well behaved, you shouldn’t have issues with that


3. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: 2PET
  • Product weight: 8.8lbs
  • Product dimensions: 24 x 17 x 17 inches
  • Color: Biscuit beige, Bonny blue, Rawhide red
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Foldable, washable


A fairly new establishment, 2PET was formed by pet owners and has a single goal: to provide everything your pets deserve! The company focuses on fulfilling all the basic needs of pets by manufacturing accessories that are not just supreme quality but boast of high functionality too. And if you’ve seen its products before, you know they have one thing going for them; exquisite design. 2PET hopes to provide solutions that not only satisfy the needs of pets but also make life easier for pets and owners alike. 2PET’s love for pets doesn’t only show through its innovative pet care products, with a fair percentage of the profits from every new purchase, 2PET makes life easier for pets in need. So when you purchase the Foldable Dog Crate, for example, you not only make life easier for your dog and yourself, you literally save a dog-life too.


This foldable dog crate is very lightweight, weighing less than 8.8 pounds (without the packaging) which makes it easy to move. It comes with a top handle that helps to make sure you can carry it around easily. These are the features you should look for in a portable dog crate, anyway, unless you want to haul a crate heavier than your dog around.

The next most important feature the 2PET foldable dog crate has is a mesh window for natural air to come in freely (you want your dog to be comfortable but you also don’t want him escaping his crate). Its waterproof mat will make sure you aren’t stuck carrying around a pee soaked crate when you are in a hurry and the fleece cushion beneath is even washable (no breeding fleas). Using this crate after using a number of crates will make you realize that this company thought of everything…from comfort to travel-ready food, and toy storage! Only true pet lovers would be that thorough.

One thing you’ll discover with the 2PET foldable dog crate is that unlike lots of other pet crates, it has a full front zipper design, your dog cannot chew this one down. And its strong metal tube frame means that it will hold its own against all the jumping and paw your little dog can muster. Push the button and the frame folds and unfolds in an instant!


  • The foldable dog crate combines functionality and class. You can use it indoors, outdoors; for training and for travel
  • The strong although lightweight steel frame, unlike many others, ensures great stability
  • Because of the top handle, you can use it as a pet carrier
  • The soft fabric is machine washable
  • Dogs are going to find this full zipper feature had to chow down
  • It easily allows natural ventilation through the mesh panels
  • The waterproof mat and washable pad mean your crate will be less messy and cleaned more easily
  • You get to make a donation to pets that need it at no added cost to you by buying from 2PET


  • Like with all crate zippers you need to take care when using the zipper
  • The mesh can only withstand so much pawing from very active dogs


4. Arf Pets Soft Sided Folding Travel Carrier


  • Manufacturer: Arf Pets
  • Product weight: 10.01 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 27 x 36 x 24 in
  • Color: Grey & Black
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Three entrances, water-resistant base, washing machine-friendly


Pets (unlike people who are often disloyal and don’t take much to stab you in the back) are faithful, love unconditionally, and give to us the very best years of their lives. Therefore, Arf Pets believes it is their right to receive the best care people can ever give them. Arf Pets tries to make sure you have everything needed to spoil your furry friends with love.

With the Soft Crate Kennel, your little puppies can have a comfy retreat anywhere! Going on a vacation or simply (or not so simply) going for the dreaded vet appointment, taking your dog in this soft crate will keep him cozy and reassure him that he’s always safe with you (even if the vet sticks a suppository somewhere). This easily foldable doghouse features an airy mesh and strong yet lightweight metal frame.

Like babies, pets don’t want to be left behind when you are on the go. And with this dog crate, your pet gets to enjoy the comfort and security that comes with being around you anytime, anywhere. When he desires some quiet time to unplug from all the excitement and adventure of traveling with you, this crate serves as the perfect sanctuary; he is safe and relaxed.

Because Arf Pets doesn’t want you to ditch your sense of style simply because you love your pet it has kept in mind your need for an innovative, stylish product to meet your need and with this, you get exactly what you need. What’s the catch you say? No, you don’t have to sacrifice stability for portable class. Its unique strong bar design easily locks into place when you need it to.

You don’t have to sacrifice time cleaning it either. The water-resistant base makes it easy to remove and clean, making for hassle-free maintenance. Same goes for the full machine washable soft cover.

How do you choose a portable crate? “Easy, the most handsome, lightest one you can find.” Wrong. If you’ve seen a dog chew down on a crate before, you know how important resilience is when it comes to crate and this one seems to do well enough in that area. The materials are tightly woven together which work to make it resilient enough to the majority of chewing. You’ll thank yourself for the rounded corners on this thing. It means the delicate surfaces of your home are not being threatened by your crate!


  • It features a highly ventilated mesh panel
  • It’s easy to set up, fold down and store away
  • Its steel frame makes it more durable than most crates
  • It allows for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance


  • While it makes a great crate choice for trained dogs, it may not hold up long against insistent crate training for dogs that are only beginning
  • Using plastic connectors makes it flexible but also susceptible to damage


5. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets


  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brand Holdings
  • Product weight: 11.56 lbs
  • Product dimensions: 106.7 x 28 x 31 inches
  • Color: Sage green
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Rounded corners to protect surfaces


Firstrax, a branch of Spectrum Brands Holdings (the well-known household brand that has its hands in everything from health care to safety, to pet care) brings this innovative dog crate to dog owners.

The Firstrax NOZTONOZ Sof-Krate provides dog owners with the perfect crate to bring furry friends safely wherever you go. Whether your destination is the dog grooming salon or the vet’s or simply a visit to the family house, Firstrax has you covered. And you know this is a lifesaver when you need to stay overnight at a hotel.

NOZTONOZ knows you are busy and doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary setup and dismantling procedures. There are push buttons and couplers in strategic locations in the frame. Within seconds the unit can be collapsed or raised and flattens out to make storage easy. Moving cross country with kids and pets has never been easier!

With three different access doors, the sturdy canvas fits easily in the rear seats of a mini-van and leaves lots of room for your dog to roam semi-free. When you can’t leave your dog’s harness on in the car because she’ll chew through it, this soft-sided dog crate is a lifesaver. And because the crate is familiar to your beloved pet, she’ll find it easier to adjust to any new surrounding she may find herself in. And with a latch and hook for added security, there’s no nosing her way out of this one for your furry friend.

Noztonoz even makes cleaning your soft crate extremely easy. Built with a base that’s water resistant for quick, easy cleaning; simply wipe away any waste, then clean using a stain remover. Use an odor remover for added protection against bad odors and allow to dry. For a more thorough cleaning, simply remove the washable cover on the frame and toss in with your laundry!


  • It has proven more durable than most other dog crates
  • With three entrances and an airy mesh panel, there is no shortage of adequate and natural ventilation
  • The mesh fabric was tightly woven with heavy-duty materials
  • It allows for a large range of dogs weighing as much as 90 pounds
  • The crate is very easily set up indoor, outdoor; wherever you are
  • It has the understated rounded corners feature that most crate owners don’t realize is important until sharp corners begin scratching surfaces
  • It easily flattens out for easy storage


  • While the setup is pretty easy, some not- so- techy people may still find setting this up a bit difficult
  • Despite its very strong material, an overactive dog may be able to tear it still


6. Petsfit Portable and Foldable Travel Crate


  • Manufacturer: Petsfit
  • Product weight: 9.4 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 36″L x 24″D x 23″H
  • Color: Black, Gray and blue
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Set up process is quite easy; three entries


Petsfit has a reputation that’s been built with 10 years of creating effective, trust-inspiring products. Its products found all over Amazon are known by customers as the creative yet functional option for safe pet care. And it even boasts of tailoring and personalizing products to the specific needs of the target pet. Take for instance the Petsfit soft-sided dog crate.

Dogs are known for their need for personal space to unwind from time to time. While this space shouldn’t be cramped, it should feel private enough for the dog to be able to relax and spend some time away from adventure, buckling up for the next phase of loving fun. Bearing this in mind, Petsfit carefully crafted this dog crate not only to be spacious enough but to not feel alienating to your dog at the same time. And while the softness of it may simply mean comfort to you, it’s more than just that to the dog who winds up in it. This soft-sided dog crate reassures your dog of your soft loving presence in its life which is only a thin wall away.

This is literally the best crate you can buy for a bigger dog. The three-door openings that this pet crate has worked great when you need to use the crate in the back seat of your car. So if you travel a lot, the extra $20 you spend on this crate will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

The thick, high-quality material is super easy to set up and take down. The screened sides roll up and the machine-washable bedding pad that lines the bottom (that’s a $30 value right there) provides your pups with all the comfort they need on the trip.

It’s rigid enough to use in tight spaces without worrying about it collapsing on your pet. Its Velcro access allows for easy opening of the crate whenever you need. And the ventilating system is superb in this soft-sided dog crate, so your dogs will love and feel more like they are in a nice and comfortable dog house.


  • It features clips for added ‘dog-proofing’
  • It has three mesh sides for the best ventilation possible
  • It includes a machine-washable bedding pad (a $30 value)
  • It’s foldable and quite lightweight which makes it easy to travel with
  • The setup process is quite easy
  • Because it’s so spacious, it can house even larger dogs


  • The not so great stitching compromises the very durable fabric
  • Because it has plastic components, you may be able to catch a faint whiff of PVC odor


7. Go Pet Club Soft Crate


  • Manufacturer: Go Pet Club Soft Crate
  • Product weight: 2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 18 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches
  • Materials: Polyester, PVC, and Sheepskin
  • Color: Brown
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Available in 15 different styles, comes with sheepskin mat.


Go Pet Club has been in the boss league of the pet furniture industry since its inception in 2003. It offers a robust line of pet furniture to its existing and new customers every year and it is that one-stop pet shop that every pet owner can trust. It boasts quality and functional products that come at competitive prices for an effortless online shopping experience. Some of the products it manufactures include pet crates, pet strollers, pet beds, and a variety of cat trees. Apart from its really pocket-friendly prices, you can trust the uniqueness of every product you buy from Go Pet Club to add a little spice to your space.

A typical example is its travel crate for dogs which comes in 15 different styles and in a variety of colors so that you can make a choice based on your taste and already existing theme.

It also features a durable construction with heavy-duty materials like polyester and PVC which makes the crate water-resistant and less likely to get moisture on the pet.

And apart from the fact that it provides adequate shelter for your pet, it is very lightweight and makes carrying your dog around pretty easy.

It also folds into a compact size that is about 93% smaller and 44% lighter than its expanded size so that you can store it easily without having to give away so much of your real estate.

Not all dogs like to be confined and some of them may get a little bit restless. But the fact that this crate provides adjustable ventilation on all its four sides with windows that roll down on 3 sides makes it an airy and comfortable place for the pet to be in.

Thinking of how much space it offers? Well, it can comfortably house a 95-pound Great Dane and a 20-pound Boston terrier. So, you do the math.

What’s even more exciting about this crate is that it comes with a soft removable floor pad to add some coziness and provide extra comfort for your pet.

And just in case you are thinking of where to use it, this pet house will always come in handy whether you are indoors or outdoors. Feel free to use it in any space you deem fit, provided it is a dog-friendly area.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Made from heavy duty and water-resistant materials
  • Mesh door allows a secure confinement and provides four-sided ventilation for your pet
  • Large enough to hold a 95-pound Great Dane and a 20-pound Boston terrier
  • Folds into a compact size that is 93% smaller and 44% lighter than its size when it is fully expanded
  • Comes with a removable floor pad made from lamb’s wool to provide comfort for the pet


  • Sadly, an active dog may burst through the mesh door destroying it and the zipper


8. Go Pet Club Soft Crate


  • Manufacturer: Go Pet Club
  • Product weight: 8 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 32 inches long x 22 inches width x 26 inches height
  • Materials: Polyester, PVC, and Sheepskin
  • Color: Green
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Has roll down covers on its 3 windows


There are a few things that make the average pet owner leap for joy. One of them is being able to go online and find exactly what he or she needs to strengthen the bond with his or her pet and get the pet comfortable easily. Go Pet Club makes this happen! With over a decade’s worth of experience in the pet care industry, this brand churns out quality and functional products that will make the pet owner and his pet happy. It boasts a workforce of skilled and proactive employees who see to it that the needs of every customer are met.

Have you tried its dog crates? No? You should totally try one out. Let’s take a look at the Go Pet Club Soft Crate…
This 32 inches by 22 inches by 26 inches dog house is the perfect description of home sweet home for your dog – both indoors and outdoors. That’s so much space to call home, don’t you think?

If you are not sure about how much real estate it offers, we advise you to measure your dog(s) before you decide on it. You’ll be surprised to find out that you can even take up to 4 dogs (depending on their sizes) in this kennel. And of course, we don’t want you picking a cathedral for a little dog so do the check, will you?

It also features covers that roll up or down easily on its 3 windows for proper ventilation whenever the dog is in it. You can also trust its mesh door to take ventilation one notch higher. These features are specially designed to ensure that your canines are comfortable.

Whenever you decide to let the dogs out and woof as loud as they can, you can take advantage of the lightweight and portability features of this crate to fold and store it neatly without taking much of your storage space.

Aha! Did we forget to mention that this pop-up dog crate is super easy to assemble? Trust us when we say setting it up is easy peasy lemon squeezy. And just as we mentioned earlier, it is also easy to store it up.

Moisture is also less likely to get to your pet because it is made from durable and water-resistant materials.
To cap it all up, your pet also gets to enjoy the comfort that its sheepskin sleeping pad offers.

So, tell us again, what are you waiting for? Get this crate already.


  • Features roll-up covers on 3 of its sides and provides adequate ventilation from its four sides
  • It is lightweight and folds into an easy-to-carry and easy-to-store compact size
  • Suitable as a travel crate for dog owners
  • Features a soft sleeping pad made from sheepskin
  • Made from water-resistant and durable materials
  • Assembles quickly and easily


  • Dogs may chew out the crate once they get into an unfamiliar location


9. Pet Gear Generation II Deluxe Soft Crate


  • Manufacturer: Pet Gear
  • Product weight: 11 Pounds
  • Product dimensions: 29.5 inches L x 22 inches W x 24 Inches H
  • Materials: Fleece Pad
  • Color: Light lavender
  • Other features: Has a waterproof mat


Pet Gear is a company that specializes in designing innovative products for quite a number of pet owners in the U.S. With its remarkable 82 years of experience in its industry, it continues to set and achieve mind-blowing targets to ensure that its customers get the best products every time. It remains committed to providing quality products as well as excellent customer service.

Its Generation II Deluxe may not be an airline approved dog crate, but it is in an excellent doghouse to own and have in your indoor or outdoor space.

It comes in 5 different sizes to cater to your space needs and different colors to suit you and your pet’s style. This particular one, for instance, comes in a light lavender color with a few blacks here and there, and a roomy interior to house 50-pound dogs comfortably. So it will fit well in an existing space.

With its durable and sturdy construction of strong steel frames and 600-denier nylon covers, it is certainly built to last. And when it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you can take off the nylon covers and wash them easily.

Also, because it features zippered doors on the top, sides, and front; access to your pet is made easy. You can also take advantage of the pouches on top and at the sides to store treats, pet needs, toys, and even blankets.

Storage and folding is a walk in the park for the most part because it has a push button on its sturdy frames that transforms the crate into a really compact size when you press it. It also features a fleece pad and a waterproof mat which are comfortable for the dog and pretty easy for you to wash.

This soft dog crate will serve you well in your home, on the go, and when you need to make a long trip; ensuring that you don’t have to be separated from your best friend.

So if you have a beagle, a Brittany spaniel, a chow, or a Chinese Shar-Pei that weighs not more than 50 pounds, then you can place an order for this kennel right away.

NB-Your dog(s) must be crate-trained or this won’t work.


  • Features 3 doors and a large side door to grant easy access
  • Has a sturdy steel frame with a push button for an easy folding mechanism
  • Comes with a waterproof and removable sleeping pad for comfort
  • Offers a roomy confined space for the pet(s)
  • Fold compactly into a small size for portability and easy storage


  • Some customers think the pad has minimal cushioning effect for their dogs


10. Pet Nation Port-A-Crate Home for Pets


  • Manufacturer: Pet Nation
  • Product weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20 inches x 13 x 13 inches
  • Materials: Tight-weave mesh fabric with a steel frame
  • Color: Beige
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and Indoors
  • Other features: Available in 6 different sizes, comes with a strap


Pet Nation has been bringing pets and people together for almost 20 years and will keep doing that for a long time. It is a local pet store that has been serving customers in its hometown of Florida. Its products are guaranteed to serve you well for a long time. And, to be honest, there’s almost nothing that should stop you from placing an order for any of its products when you go shopping for them because they are often high-quality products. It remains committed to doing all the homework for you as a pet owner while it gives you the solutions for making your pets live a healthy and happy life.

Pet Nation’s Port-A-Crate is a great choice for your pets especially if they are crate-trained and weigh 115 pounds or less. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes and makes transporting your buddies really easy and hassle-free, thanks to the long strap attached to it.

Short trips no longer need to see you leave your canine companion behind because you can lug this crate over one shoulder or strap it somewhere in your car. So it is totally perfect for visits to the vet’s office, family vacation, or just a quiet retreat.

We also have the construction of this crate to thank because it provides a sturdy home for your pet. With the exteriors made from heavy-duty materials and the steel frames that form the skeleton, you can rest assured your pet is safe and the crate will serve you well for a long time.

Ventilation is a 100% because of the honeycomb-designed mesh windows that allow the free flow of air into the kennel.

The safety of your companion is guaranteed with the strong zippers and the door latches on the crate and access is made even easier with the doors that can be rolled up in front and on top and secured with fastening straps.

Cleaning is no big deal because the crate is made of water-resistant materials that allow a quick cleanup. If you’ve got pet waste in the crate, you only need to scrape it out and then wipe the interior with an odor and stain remover. What makes cleaning even more effortless is that you can take off the entire cover of the steel frame and throw it your laundry for a good wash.

Finally, setting it up and folding it down after use is easy. All you need to do is follow the instructions and you are good to go!


  • Lightweight features, including the strap, make it suitable for short outings and transportation
  • Durable construction provides a sturdy build and long-lasting use
  • Excellent choice for dogs that have been crate-trained
  • Folds down and assembles in no time without any tool
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • There are very few reports that the zipper could use an upgrade or something of a higher quality



Soft-sided dog crates are a godsend. They are comfortable, easy to store, and allow you and your dog to go on more adventures together! Surely our guide has shown you how to snag the best one for your dog. Go ahead and pick one and let your adventures begin!


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