Best Metal Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Did you just get a new puppy and it has not learned the rules yet? Perhaps your pooch is too agile and you want to restrict its activities. Your dog is sick or injure and you need to keep it calm. These and many other are reasons you might want to get a crate for your dog. Since you are reading this, you most likely have concluded that you need a dog crate. Join us as we clarify things for you.

What is a metal dog crate?

It is popularly referred to as wire crates because of the metal tubing used to make the sides. A wire crate is a sort of cage used to house a dog. There are many reasons why any dog parent would need this for their dog. Essentially, a wire crate is like a small kennel for your dog.

How does a dog wire crate work?

Wire crates are designed as an enclosed contraption to keep the dog restricted within the confines of the cage. A dog crate would be ideal if you need to transport your dog. Some of them have casters, making it easy to move the crate with the dog inside.

There are crates that are foldable and some have dividers which help you manage the space in the crate. This is ideal for cases where the crate is way too big for your dog. You can use the divider to minimize the space available to the dog and later increase it as the dog grows. This is a method often adopted by dog owners that intend using the crate for long. They intentionally buy a bigger crate and let their dog grow with it.

What type of dog crates are available?

Dog crates are often either plastic or metallic; we will be featuring the metallic variant. The plastic dog crates, as the name implies, are made mainly of plastic. Plastic crates are often only great for puppies and smaller dogs. There have been many reports that bigger dogs often chew their way out of a plastic crate. It just isn’t strong enough for aggressive dogs.

This is one of the main reasons most people opt for metal heavy duty dog crates; For their strength and durability.

Wire crates also allow for a lot more ventilation than the plastic counterpart.

What to consider before buying a wire dog crate

We now know that a wire crate is a better choice. Now we want to let you know why you should choose one wire crate over another.

  • Construction material – If you have a large dog, you definitely need a large crate. Only a crate made of heavy-duty materials can hold in a large or an aggressive dog. Beware of those low-quality wire crates, they will cause more harm than good. If your dog is a type that permanently nurses an escape plan, he will often attempt to bite through the cage. If one of the metals give in, the dog might end up injuring itself
  • The base type – The type of base the wire cage has is also a factor worth considering. You wouldn’t want your dog laying on hard steel rods all the time. The idea of covering the floor with its blanket might come in but you might be shocked that your doggie shreds it or tosses it out. This is why a crate with a padded or plastic base is a great option. It should be removable too as it will make cleaning it a lot easier. That way, your dog can lay comfy and the crate can be kept clean
  • Design – Wire crates come in different designs, so you might want to watch out for the ones that best suit your needs. Some crates have food and drink dishes attached to them so your dog can easily feed while in its crate. Ultimately, you have to know your dog. Not all dogs are great at composing themselves. Some will make a mess of the water you leave there for them

Some crates have multiple doors which can be convenient. This is often common among the large crates. This allows your dog to come out and go into the cage through whichever door it prefers. This also helps you, the owner, with space. It is possible the crate is positioned such that one door is not readily accessible, that way. The other can be used. It gives you the freedom to position the crate in more ways to manage space.

The color might be another thing you want to consider. It will be cool that your dog’s crate matches the theme of your home. But you have to be aware that your dog won’t really care about this. Since it’s in your house, you might as well ensure it blends in.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wire crates are often the best option. Not just because they are strong; some other reasons they are a favorite option are discussed here.

  • Ventilation and Visibility – Wire crates are often designed with bars and tubing. This leaves a lot of open spaces in the contraption where air can easily flow through. On another hand, your dog’s visibility isn’t impaired at all. It gets to see as much as it would without the crate. This keeps the dog familiar with the environment
  • Portability – Quite a number of wire crates are collapsible. They are easily set up and can be quickly unhinged and pulled apart. This gives room for more space and makes storage easier when the crate is not in use. Some even come with a plastic handle that helps you carry the crate after it has been collapsed
  • Durability – Most wire crates are built with steel. As we all know, that is one heavy-duty material. These crates will withstand all the bashing your dog can give it and still remain intact. If you want this type of endurance, though, you should keep an eye out for the quality ones

As awesome as wire crates are, there are still some weaknesses you might want to avoid.

  • Can be dangerous – The same reason wire crates are sturdy and secure is the same reason they might be dangerous to your beloved canine. If your dog suffers from anxiety, you might want to consider the fact that it will attempt to chew its way out which might cause it to injure itself. However, if you go for the really sturdy wire crates, it won’t be able to cause any damage to the cage that might later injure it
  • Not so good for outdoors – This does not mean wire cages cannot be taken or used outdoors. It just isn’t such a good idea to leave these metallic crates at the mercy of the elements for too long. Even though most of them are treated to be rust resistant, care should still be taken not to leave them exposed for too long

Now that you have a good idea what to look out for and how to make a great choice. Keep reading to see a list of awesome products from trusted brands that we have put together for you.


1. ProSelect Empire Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: ProSelect
  • Product weight: 75.2 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 37 x 25.3 x 33.8 inches
  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Metallic
  • Where can be used: Indoors and outdoors
  • Other features: It has removable casters


ProSelect is specialized in manufacturing dog cages. If there’s one thing about specialty brands, it is the fact that they tend to be quite good at what they do. This is no coincidence, it’s what happens when you channel your focus on a particular thing. This is what is working to ProSelect’s advantage.

Has your dog been chewing its way through every plastic kennel? Have you been looking for a cage that will hold your medium sized dog? The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is the right product for you. It is a heavy-duty dog crate that will make your dog consider its teeth before attempting to try them out on this crate. The strong appearance of the crate alone will put aggressive dogs to rest knowing they don’t stand a chance at bullying this crate.

This metal dog crate is made of 0.5-inch thick steel tubes and 20-gauge steel and further reinforced with super-strength welding at the stress points. This makes the crate so sturdy that strong and menacing dogs cannot push around nor claw their way through.

This heavy-duty dog crate is intelligently designed with slide latches that are aligned with the beams of the crate. This is so because, from experience, really smart dogs can reach and open the latch. With this crate, you can continue with your life without bothering if your dog would have found its way out. The only way it would come out of this crate is if you let it out. The spaces between each beam are also not big enough to let your dog’s limbs through so it won’t hurt itself.

There is a slide-out tray underneath the crate that collects food, spilled water, waste, etc. With this, there won’t be any mess reaching the floor as it will all be collected in the grated tray. This design also makes it easier to clean up the crate.

There are also casters underneath this indestructible dog crate, ensuring easy mobility. The casters can smoothly roll in multiple directions making it easy to transport the cage and the dog in it without hassle. They are removable too to keep it stationary. That way, the cage will not slide around when you don’t want it to because of the dog’s movement.

This cage is also available in a large size to help you keep your big dogs in check. It can be used for any breed of dog as long as it will conveniently fit it. This cage is also recommended by seasoned veterinary doctors. That should give you some confidence in this product if all of its features and benefits haven’t.


  • It is made sturdy with heavy duty steel
  • It is designed so that crafty dogs cannot let themselves out
  • It has a slide-out grated tray underneath to collect food, water, and waste
  • It has durable casters for easy mobility


  • There are no real issues with this crate, but you might have to keep an eye out if your dog is destructive


2. Ultima Pro Extra-Strong Double Door Metal Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: Mid-West Homes for Pets
  • Product weight: 30.1 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 31 x 21.2 x 23.8 inches
  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Metallic
  • Where can be used: Indoors and outdoors
  • Other features: It is foldable


Mid-West Homes for Pets is just what the name implies, a haven for pets. This company is all things pets. They design and create practical, quality, and superior performance products that cater to the welfare of your pets. From beds to kennels, crates and carriers, exercise pens, etc; this brand has you covered. It is your one-stop-shop for all things pets. Many pet lovers have come to love this brand as it caters to all their needs and does it well.

The Ultima Pro Metal Dog Crate is a great way to keep your dog in check without using a leash. This crate is sturdy as it is made of professional grade steel gauge which is well welded together for extra strength. It has a dimension of 31 x 21.2 x 23.8 inches which will accommodate any mid-sized dog conveniently.

This wire dog crate has double doors so your dog can have easy access to it. The two doors are on adjoining sides of the crate. This gives you more placement options both in your home and in the car. There is a plastic pan at the base of the crate that prevents food water, food, or waste from reaching the floor. The plastic base is easy to clean and there is a stop that keeps the pan in place. Release the stop, pull out the pan, clean it out, and put it back in place. You have yourself a fresh and clean crate; it is that easy.

This nearly indestructible dog crate is quite durable because of the sturdy materials used. This is one of the toughest dog crates you can get as it is designed to withstand the bashing any dog can give it. This is why it is an ideal choice for holding strong dogs and those ones that test out their teeth on the plastic variants.

Another great thing about the design of this crate is that it is easy to set up. No tools are required and almost anybody can put this thing together. It is also foldable which makes it easy to manage and comes with an easy-to-attach plastic handle for carrying it. This is a great design that lets you transform the crate into a sort of briefcase that becomes easy to carry around.

The brand has a size chart that lets you determine what crate size is suitable for your dog. It is best to buy a size bigger than your dog so it can have sufficient space to do its thing and also grow into it. You can also buy a big size if you have two small doggies as this crate comes with a divider.


  • It is designed to be collapsible with a plastic carrier handle
  • It is made of sturdy steel
  • It is strong enough to handle strong destructive dogs
  • It comes with a base that is easy to attach and clean


  • There have been some complaints about the hinge design


3. IRIS Wire Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: Iris USA
  • Product weight: 23.2 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 31 x 44.2 x 23.5 inches
  • Materials: Epoxy-coated wire
  • Color: Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Pink, Green, White, Yellow
  • Where can be used: Indoors and outdoors
  • Other features: It has a detachable mesh roof


Since inception in 1994, Iris has been focused on helping people get organized in their everyday lives. Iris is a manufacturer of superior quality storage plastics of different types that help you keep your stuff stored and sorted. Over the years, it has been able to create a reputation for itself with its practical and innovative designs.

The first thing you will notice about this IRIS Wire Dog Crate is that it is beautiful, even your dog would totally love it. It is constructed of heavy-duty epoxy-coated wire for its sides (which keeps the crate rigid and stable). It has a detachable, woven mesh roof which is kept in place with Velcro straps. The easily-removable roof gives you unrestricted access to the crate which makes it easier to clean. The base is a molded tray which is also removable making it easy to clean. Under the base are non-skid rubber feet to keep the crate balanced and in place. It has a large sliding door that is secured with a positive-lock latch.

This wire dog crate is ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. The large size which we are featuring will give your dog 9.5 square feet of space to move around in. The wire sides are strong and will continue to hold for long and will not cause injuries to your dog even if it pounds into it. This dog crate can be used for training puppies and to help elderly dogs. You can also use this crate in association with other Iris pet products such as the Iris training pads and the training pet pad holder.

If you don’t have much space in your home and are wondering how this crate would fit in, you don’t need to worry. This dog crate is compact and has a small footprint. It would easily fit into any corner in your home. It does not require too much maintenance apart from the occasional cleaning out which is quite easy. You could even use baby wipes to clean out the molded base and it becomes nice and clean once again.

If your dog is one of those classy types, it will find this crate quite irresistible. It is available in black, green, blue, gray, yellow, white, brown, and pink colors. You might have to consult with your dog to decide on which color to go for. Imagine if your dog crate matches the theme of your interior decoration.


  • The crate is aesthetically appealing
  • It is made with durable materials and designed for comfort
  • It has a spacious interior
  • It is available in different colors


  • This dog crate is only ideal for smaller dogs


4. SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage


  • Manufacturer: SmithBuilt Crates
  • Materials: Hammered Silver
  • Color: Silver
  • Other features: Bars are heavy and sturdy, easy to assemble, locks are perfectly located


SmithBuilt was birthed in 2007 out of a need to provide the best quality dog crates at amazing prices. Due to the fact that it is a company founded by a pet-owning family which understands the varying needs for safety and comfort for a dog, it is built with the utmost sensitivity, love, and dedication. It is also built so that its customers are not stuck with having to choose between price and quality.

Its crates go beyond just being protective metal but are also home and comfort for your dogs. So if you are in the market for the perfect dog crate that meets all the needs your beloved dog has, you would not go wrong with trusting SmithBuilt with them. All these qualities are clearly seen in the SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage.

It is a known fact that a number of dog crates do not hold under pressure. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of them are made with wire and so easily give under constant battering, especially of big dogs. But that is not so with this heavy-duty dog cage. It stands strong and sure, even under the most intense ramming and battering. It does not easily fall to its sides because it is heavy. So your pit-bull will not easily get out of this one because it will not be business as usual for it.

The thickness of the bars also contributes to the heaviness of the cage. Unlike lightweight wire dog crates which big dogs easily chew through or ram their way out of, this one is made of hammered silver and does not scare easily. Your dog would be comfortable in it yet be safe, both from itself and from outside sources of dangers.

Also, the fact that dogs like space were factored into the manufacture of this dog cage. It is high enough for a 90-pounder to stand and move so it does not cramp it. Even though it is called a cage, it is comfortable, homey and roomy for your dog.

And no matter how much your dog moves about the cage, it does not affect the locks. They are strategically placed on the side and the top of the cage and are securely fitted to withstand strong and lengthy battering without succumbing. This used to be a problem with dog crates; when big dogs constantly ram themselves on the sides of the crate, it affects the bars, the locks, and the latch. Time has taught manufacturers to improve on production and this has greatly affected the quality of cages and this particular dog crate is not an exception.


  • The bars of the dog cage is thick so cannot be chewed or bent easily
  • The latch holds securely and the locks are perfectly placed on the side and on the top of it
  • There is also room enough to comfortably accommodate a 90-pound dog
  • It is sturdy and heavy
  • And it is easy to assemble


  • There is a chance, though, that your dog’s paws may get stuck in the grate underneath


5. SMONTER Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: Smonter
  • Product weight: 73 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 42″L X 31″W X 37″H
  • Materials: Galvanized steel and plastic
  • Color: Brown
  • Other features: Comes with wheels, easy to assemble, three-door crate


Smonter is a company that specializes in the production of pet care products like dog crates, which provide warmth, closeness to owners and security for your dogs. Not only does it bring you the best there is in pet care, it also provides services for looking after animals, giving advice and sending professionals in circumstances that need them.

Its dog crates are some of the best you can find because the company builds them with care, dedication, and experience, putting into consideration the fact that many dog owners have gotten less value for their money in the past. It gives a better alternative to what is readily available and this is evident in the SMONTER Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels, a top of the line dog crate.

This dog crate is made of sturdy and heavy galvanized steel, to eliminate the possibility of rust in the long run which is prone to happen with most metals. Rust is not just harmful to humans but also to animals so your dog is duly protected from any hazard that comes with rust. The galvanized steel also means that you do not need to change the crate anytime soon due to weakness. The heaviness makes it sit steady and keeps your dog, no matter how big, from causing any damage.

This steel dog crate comes with four movable wheels which make moving from one point to another easily without having to remove your dog or call for help if you do not wish to. Now, you probably are thinking that the wheels could be a danger, seeing as they can inadvertently roll on their own, But don’t; two of them can be locked when not in use so that there are no accidental rolls. The wheels also protect your hardwood floors from scratches and deep grooves that could come from metal placed directly on them.

Best of all, it does not take an entire village to assemble it. Just eight screws and the four wheels, with two plastic trays and you, are good to go. Even if you are alone, you can easily get this dog crate standing in no time, no hassles.


  • It is made of heavy galvanized steel to eliminate the possibility of rust
  • It comes with four movable wheels to ease getting it from one spot to another, two of which can be locked to avoid accidental rolls
  • It has three entrances for ease of access
  • It is not difficult to assemble
  • When not needed, it can be easily folded and put away
  • It comes with double locks for double safety


  • Some buyers found it expensive


6. Sliverylake XXL Dog Crate


  • Manufacturer: Sliverylake
  • Product weight: 89.1lbs
  • Product dimensions: 48.8″(Length) x 33″(Width) x 37″ (Height); Door Dimensions: 27.4″ (Height) x 18.9″ (Width)
  • Materials: Steel
  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Other features: Comes with two doors, easy to clean, easy to assemble and fold up, has four wheels


Looking to offer you some of the best products at the most competitive prices, Sliverylake is a brand which specializes in the supply of office furniture, dog crates, and supplies for pets; patio furniture and bathroom sinks. It creates the enabling environment for customers to get exactly what they want, whether it is goods or services.

It does not just supply you with whatever product is available in the market; it makes sure it brings the best ones and gives them to you at prices which you would find hard to beat, like the Sliverylake XXL Dog Cage Crate Kennel. You know you are in safe hands with Sliverylake so rest assured that you are getting the best and even if you have any complaints, you have a ready and welcoming customer service who would sort things out for you in no time.

The Sliverylake XXL Dog Cage Crate Kennel is made with a steel frame that keeps your dogs both comfortable and safe. Steel does not allow for rusting and lasts longer than lots of other metals. Some people view dog crates as taking away the freedom that dogs need but that is not so. When it is well made, like this one is, your dog would look forward to coming home to comfort. And this also serves to keep dogs safe from harm.

The steel frame of this dog crate distinguishes it from many other dog crates, especially wire dog crates. Yes, a wire crate is easy to lift, move around and is a lot more affordable but it is also easy to tear through and destroy. This heavy duty crate does not give any dog the room to find its way out that easy. So do not worry that your poor experience in the past will be repeated with this one.

And as long as we are talking about ease of movement, now is the best time to talk about the amazing wheels which undercut the seeming advantage wire cages have. The wheels make it easy to move the dog crate without having to lift it and also protect your floors from grooves. However, two of them can be locked to avoid any chance of it rolling, especially while your dog is inside.

It is not difficult to clean because the grate floor makes room for the tray inside the crate to be removed and properly cleaned. You do not have to twist and turn before you can reach it. And the tray is plastic because it is easier to clean and it is safer for your dog, so it does not accidentally hurt itself with it. See? You are getting a great deal with this crate.


  • The frame is heavy-duty steel to eliminate rusting and keep the cage steady
  • It comes with four wheels, two of which are foldable to avoid accidents, for moving it easily
  • It is easy to assemble
  • And it is easy to clean


  • The latches, though, do not hold fast and steady


7. Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan


  • Manufacturer: BestPet
  • Product dimensions: 36″(Length) x 22″(Weight) x 25″(Height)
  • Materials: Low carbon steel wire and coated Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) pan
  • Color: Black
  • Other features: Comes with two layers and two doors, comes fully assembled, edges are rounded


Set on the foundation of dedication, patience, and loyalty, Best Pet Supplies Inc. offers a wide range of pet supplies like toys, beds and pet stairs at the best prices you can find. It understands that many pet owners are meticulous and want only the best so it provides only the best, and at fantastic prices, too.

Its diversity has not taken away from the quality of its products, which is exemplified in the 36” Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan, made with your pet’s best interest at heart. The durability and the quality of the pet cage touch every one of its products and more than that, it listens to its customers so that it keeps improving on its existing products while producing even better ones to match the changing times.

The 36” Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan is a wire crate which comes fully assembled. All you have to do when you buy it is open and unfold it. There are no intricate screws or a lock to fit in; all that has already been done for you. Assembly is one deterrent for many buyers, even when it is as simple as can be. However, with this, you have nothing to worry about.

The cage comes with two layers so you can comfortably fit in two pets of moderate sizes into it. It is both economical and comfortable. And the two layers have different doors that do not obstruct each other: one on the side and the other at the top of the cage. Both pets do not have to share the same door; each gets its own right of way.

Do not worry much that this cage is made of wire. The edges of the wire have been blunted so that none is poking out to harm your pet or you. The wire is further made of low carbon steel, which means that it has an extra layer of strength, negating the possibility of breaking, rust or any of your pets chewing through it. That it is wire does not mean that it has to be uncomfortable or dangerous now, does it?


  • It comes fully assembled – just open it and unfold
  • It has two layers which can take two pets – and comes with two different doors
  • The edges of the wire are rounded to avoid injuries to you and your pet
  • The pan is made of solid plastic to make it easy to clean and enable it last for a long time
  • It also folds up easily, in the event you have to move
  • It is very affordable


  • The latch is easy to open


8. Walcut Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate with Wheels


  • Manufacturer: Walcut
  • Product weight: 330Lbs
  • Product dimensions: 48 × 33 × 37 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: It has four casters for easier movement


Walcut is a world leader when it comes to the production of household fittings and metal items. Its huge portfolio includes necessities such as bath fittings, furniture, and others. Recently, Walcut has diversified to make sure that the needs of your pets are met and the results have been amazing. With this brand, consumer satisfaction is guaranteed. Its pet items and accessories are top notch and guaranteed to make your pet a happier one. With each passing year, its product line keeps things updated with a slew of products that are years ahead of the market. Look no further than this experienced brand for your pet needs.

To that end, we bring you one of the most impressive offerings from Walcutt’s warehouses, the Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Pet Cage. As the name suggests, with this you can introduce your pet to a metal cage that offers the best in protection and behavioral control.

Of course, one would expect that pet cages are made from the strongest materials out there. Well, this offering from Walcut goes beyond that. It is made entirely of heavy-duty steel from top to bottom. Each bar and wire is finely crafted and reinforced to keep in even the most notorious of cage breaker pets.

This strong dog crate is not only designed to keep your pet in, it is also designed to keep your pet happy. That is why it has a front door and another on top. With the door on top, you can easily interact with your pet while it is inside the cage. The amazing thing is that this cage is high enough that you don’t have to worry about your pet jumping out when the top door is open.

Yes, your pet is safe and secure. But can you move this cage around with your pet in it? The answer is a big furry yes. The Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Pet Cage is a large metal dog crate with wheels. It is equipped with four casters that make it easy to move around. Your pet’s safety is paramount, that is why these casters can be locked so as to prevent accidental rolls. But what if your pet isn’t in it? Then you can easily fold this cage down and carry it wherever you want.

Finally, this heavy duty wire crate is almost too easy to clean. Your pet’s waste is caught by a steel tray at the bottom of the cage. This tray can then be easily slid out and cleaned at will. Fret no more about having an extra room to clean, this one practically cleans itself!


  • It is made from reinforced heavy duty steel to keep energetic pets at bay
  • It has two doors for easy accessibility to your pet
  • It has four wheels that make it easy to move around
  • This strong dog crate is foldable and portable
  • It is very easy to clean


  • Due to the absence of a handle on the top of the cage, lifting this cage might be a bit of a chore


9. Paws & Pals Double-Door Metal Dog Crate with Divider


  • Manufacturer: Paws and Pals
  • Product weight: 7.05 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 20 × 13 × 16 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Electro-coat finish makes it resistant to rust


Experience is key in everything. That is why Paws and Pals (with over ten years of experience in its manufacturing process) is one of the best brands out there. A customer’s dream, Paws, and Pals actually wants you and your pet to become better pals. That is why it continues to give you the best in terms of quality and comfort. Paws and Pals is a big fan of interaction between pet and owner. To that end, its products are not only the made with your pet in mind, they are also made with you, the owner in mind. Endorsed by the biggest retailers and E-markets out there, you won’t be disappointed by Pets and Pals.

Looking for a better way to train your pet and wean it of those behavioral issues? Then take a long look at the Paws and Pals Dog Crate. In fact, we have taken a long hard look at this strong dog crate for you and we came away satisfied. Here are a few of its impressive features.

This large metal dog crate is one of the strongest on the market. We admire the fact that your pet may be notorious for breaking out of cages, but not out of this one. The Paws and Pals Dog Crate uses steel and high tensile strength wire effectively in a close mesh pattern. No matter how feisty your pet is, it is going to be impossible to break out of this cage. With the single-bolt latch which it employs for security, there is no contest about this.

Perhaps you are worried about the effect of the weather on this cage; worry no more. This strong wire crate has been given a black color finish enhanced with Electro-coat. That means you don’t have to worry about your cage rusting, dating or corroding even in the harshest of climates. Come rain, snow or sunshine, this cage will be in pristine condition.

Safety is a big reason why you got this cage right? How tragic will it be if your pet got injured while in a wire crate? Well, you can rest assured that this won’t be happening with the Paws and Pals Dog Crate. This is because it has well-rounded edges which have no sharp points. No matter how energetic your dog gets while in there, the walls of the cage will do little more than stopping it from going through. No cuts, scrapes or bruises.

Finally, this pet cage is equipped with a divider that can be adjusted to give your pet the perfect living space. With this divider, you can control how much space your pet gets to relax in even as it grows — Guaranteed maximum satisfaction for you and your pet.


  • It uses high steel, high-tensile strength wires that are guaranteed to keep your pet in
  • This dog crate uses a single-bolt latch for maximum security
  • It is resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Its rounded edges make it safe for your pet
  • This Dog Crate is outfitted with a divider that makes it easier to control your pet’s living space


  • The absence of wheels might make it a tad difficult to move this cage around


10. M-Pets Heavy Duty Dog Crate On Wheels


  • Manufacturer: M-Pets
  • Product weight: 130 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 36 × 24 × 24 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Where can be used: Outdoors and indoors
  • Other features: Lockable safety wheels


M-Pets is a household name when it comes to the manufacture of pet accessories and other items. Its products are extremely innovative and one of the most exclusive on the market. It is a brand that is committed to meeting the loftiest of demands when it comes to pets and owner satisfaction. With this brand, you are assured of the latest in terms of quality and features. This is because M-Pets understands that technology moves at a fast pace. Therefore, its products are always changing and updating for the better. Few brands out there will serve you like M-Pets.

We know you have been searching for one of the best dog crates on the market. We also know that picking one might be hard. That is why by the process of elimination we are introducing you to the M-Pets Professional Heavy Duty Dog Cage.

Whatever you have come to expect in sturdiness and durability from a dog cage, this product by M-Pets will trump it. This is because its steel wires are forged from 20-gauge steel. Unbelievable right? But that is indeed the truth. Sturdy is an understatement with this pet cage as it is further reinforced by 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes.

In addition to the above, it is equipped with heavy-duty welds and ultra-strong latches for really energetic pets. We get the feeling this cage might just be safe in the event of a nuclear attack (just kidding).

Sometimes, assembling new products takes a while and can override your enthusiasm for the product. That is why the M-Pets Professional Heavy Duty Dog Cage can be assembled in less than five minutes, without tools! Isn’t this amazing? Most of the parts come pre-assembled, making the setup of this baby effortless and elegant in its simplicity.

In the same vein, this strong dog crate is equipped with not one, not two but four detachable wheels. Ease of movement is totally guaranteed with this cage. Just wheel away and its squeak-free casters will do half of the job for you. That isn’t all, its wheels are lockable. That means you can actually park the cage with the wheels on without fearing that it might move in your absence. This saves you the stress and time of attaching and detaching wheels with every movement of the cage.

Lastly, this sterling work of art is easy to maintain. Its bars are adequately spaced for your hand so you can clean it efficiently. It also has a door at the top for easier access to the insides of the cage and to your pet. Lastly, waste is taken care off with a detachable plastic tray underneath the cage. Convenience at its peak!


  • This cage is made sturdy by the presence of 20-gauge steel and 0.5-inch diameter steel tunes
  • It is extremely easy to assemble
  • You can easily move this cage from place to place with its lockable wheels
  • It is very easy to clean since the bars are adequately spaced apart


  • The absence of a divider might make it difficult to adjust space within the cage



We have taken you through our buying guide and individual product reviews of metal heavy-duty dog crates. We hope you’ve got adequate information to equip you to make an informed choice of the best one for your canine friend.

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