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One of the hardest things for pet parents is leaving their pet alone at home. After long hours of worrying, coming home feels like a great relief: you can finally know that your pet is well and happy! This separation is especially exhausting if your pet is very attached to you, and becomes anxious when you’re not around. It’s just so hard to look at those big, heartbroken eyes and leave the house!

The first thing every pet parent wants to make sure is that their pet feels safe and comfortable. Only with a feeling of security comes relaxation and enjoyment. This is when people reach out for a pet crate, which can be very useful (especially for dogs). They can provide comfort and reduce the dog’s anxiety. Your pup will actually prefer to stay in a dog crate as opposed to laying on furniture, for instance, because of the den-like feel that a crate provides. That’s why crates can be used in a wide range of situations, including long distance traveling which can be especially stressful for pets.

Crates are not only good for flying but also for driving, where a lot of accidents occur because dogs, for example, want to climb on the driver’s lap. Dogs are often frightened during the ride, especially if they don’t have much experience with riding in a car. Keeping your dog in a comfortable, safe place is a must, and keeping it in a crate will also provide you with additional benefits, like a clean seat without scratches and bumps.

A dog crate tray is really a great choice when it comes to cleanliness. It makes cleaning the pet crate incredibly easy, so these two pieces naturally come together. To put it simply, a dog crate tray is a shallow platform that sits at the bottom of the crate. It is designed to collect all debris that pet leaves behind, so you don’t have to worry about dirt being spread all over your car. The tray can be slid out, wiped and slid back in rapidly, without using excessive brushes and sponges.

Therefore a tray or a crate replacement pan is somewhat essential for hygiene maintenance of the pet crate. Crate trays are generally a good solution, especially for dog owners.

If you are already eager to try this product out, it’s very important to consider certain factors, like size and material, before making the final decision on which one to buy. That’s why we have decided to write an ultimate buying guide that covers the main aspects of what you need to know, and even better – we’ve provided a list of top 10 products on the market. So keep reading and find out what is the best pet crate tray for you!

Top dog crate trays reviews

1. Everila Dog Crate Tray

The top product on our list is definitely the Everila dog crate tray, made from metal which gives this tray stability and durability. With all those brands in the market, some expensive and others not so, it is hard to make a good decision and buy durable but also the high-quality product.

Dog crate replacement pan is usually made out of plastic or metal. The metal one is better for pets with anxiety issues. Plastic trays aren’t very resistant to pets scratching or chewing them, so you will find yourself buying a replacement in no time. On the other hand, a dog crate replacement tray made of metal is a much better choice for preventing the dog to chew through it when they get anxious. Plastic trays break easily and have to be replaced often, while metal trays are more durable and discourage pets from completely destroying their crate. That’s why Everila dog crate tray is a durable, easy to use a product that will definitely make cleaning and maintaining your pet crate much easier.

Of course, with a metal crate pan, one of the fundamental concerns is that it may get rusty over time and what you don’t want is your dog swallowing any pieces of rust. That could cause some serious damage to your pet’s internal organs. Luckily, the Everila crate tray is made from finest materials: tough, durable, galvanized, rust-resistant steel. The manufacturer made sure won’t have to worry about your dog possibly ingesting a dangerous substance that could turn out to be lethal for them.

The only downside of this crate tray is its size, suitable mostly for smaller dog breeds under 30lbs. The Everila crate tray comes in in 23.75 x 17 x 1 inches, fitting in 24 x 18 crates. Unfortunately, there aren’t suitable dimensions for bigger crates yet, so if you decide to buy this product, make sure you measure your crate carefully.

However, this flaw is compensated by the very simple use of this tray. Like most high-quality trays, the Everila dog crate tray can easily slide out, and cleaning and maintenance are very simple. One thing is certain with the Everila: it will last you a long time while maintaining its sturdy form.
Check More Info & Buy Everila Dog Crate Tray on Amazon


  • Durable and sturdy metal tray
  • Made from galvanized steel that is rust-resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Simple slide in and out mechanism


  • Only for smaller dog breeds
  • Could turn out to be smaller than the crate


2. Pinnacle Systems Dog Crate Replacement Tray

From Pinnacle Systems comes another sturdy dog crate replacement tray that will perfectly fit your needs. As we said, it is a matter of safety that makes choosing the right structure of a dog crate pan crucial. Pinnacle System dog crate replacement tray prevents some tricky situations your dog can easily fall into. This product’s firm structure prevents dogs to chew through the bottom of the crate but also to cut themselves on sharp edges. It’s also especially secured with folded metal sides and corners, which make sure you and your pet are only exposed to smooth surfaces.

Pinnacle System also produces a model of a metal dog crate tray made out of galvanized or stainless steel, which gives extra protection and safety for your pet. This water-resistant, rust-proof material makes it much more durable and reliable than plastic pans. To put things simply, Pinnacle System dog crate replacement tray is built to last, and it will make dog crate cleaning extremely easy.

One of the great things about this product is its multifunctionality. This excellent dog crate tray can also be used as a holder for pet’s food bowls, muddy shoes, or other things (like for instance half-finished puzzles!). Cleaning the dog crate is also made easier with raised and folded edges that keep dirt and spills contained inside. That way, and considering its leak-proof structure, the crate and floors remain intact. Dogs also like their kennels clean and odor-free, so you would be doing your dog a favor, too, with this odor-resistant product that doesn’t release any powerful or harsh chemical scents.

Pinnacle Systems provide a hassle-free refund to unsatisfied customers, which is pretty important, especially considering the price of the product. Pinnacle System dog crate is a bit more expensive than the regular trays, making it one of the main drawbacks of this product compared to other options available on the market. However, it guarantees durability that frees you from buying a new crate pan every few months. It’s firm enough that even big dogs can’t damage it. It also comes in a wide range of sizes, and it can be made even in custom sizes, making it possible to order a perfect custom fit for your dog crate. And even if it’s very unlikely that you won’t be satisfied with this dog kennel tray, you have the option of an easy refund, no questions asked!
Check More Info & Buy Pinnacle Systems Dog Crate Replacement Tray on Amazon


  • A sturdy metal tray that lasts
  • Made from galvanized or stainless steel, rust resistant
  • Durable and protected with rounded corners
  • Leak-proof


  • More expensive than regular trays


3. MidWest Homes for Pets Plastic Tray for Dog Cage

Mid West Homes for Pets manufactures a regularly sized 21×36 inches crate tray. It’s a perfect fit for medium-sized crates and in the epic clash of plastic and metal crate pans, the unbreakable sturdiness of the metal one wins. But that doesn’t mean that a plastic tray for dog cage can’t also be made firm! This is the case with the MidWest Homes plastic tray, which is very durable and thick. You may consider metal pans if your dog is a really hard chewer, but if that’s not the case, this crate tray will probably withstand lesser attempts of destruction.

This plastic replacement pan is a great choice if you want to make a comfortable, warm place for your dog. The cleaning is also very easy: you can just slide it out and let it dry on its own after washing. No extra rubbing or scratching the dirt off.

If you want a lighter pan that cleans easy and is suitable for different pet needs (and also a wide range of DIY pet cages or DIY toilet trays) this crate tray replacement will probably meet your expectations. Whatever happened to your last crate pan, MidWest Homes for Pets plastic tray will make an excellent and durable replacement. Made of extra heavy flexible plastic, this is one of the highest quality plastic trays in the market.
Check More Info & Buy MidWest Homes for Pets Plastic Tray for Dog Cage on Amazon


  • Multifunctional replacement pan
  • A thicker form of plastic, more durable
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not so good for anxious dogs


Other dog crate trays to consider

1. GoGo Plastic Dog Kennel Tray

One of the high-quality crate trays available in the market is also the GoGo plastic dog kennel tray, made from polypropylene plastic. This dog crate replacement tray is a lot more stable and thicker compared to most plastic pans on the market. It’s made out of heavy, sturdy plastic which makes it a durable replacement, so you can avoid changing the crate trays repeatedly.

When it comes to cleaning, this kennel tray has a higher side so all debris and dirt remain inside of the pan, keeping your floors clean and intact. Deeper crate tray also prevents the dirt from spilling out when you slip it out for cleaning. This can be an exhausting process, and GoGo plastic dog kennel tray makes it easier.

One of the advantages that distinguish the GoGo plastic kennel tray from other plastic crate trays is its less noisy base. A metal dog kennel tray can make quite a bit of noise when your dog is searching for a good position, moving back and forth again and again. The GoGo pan is made out of rubberized, thick plastic that makes much less noise. You will not hear those annoying sounds all across the house anymore, and your pet will probably adjust to the crate easier in the absence of the scary sounds.

The downside of this product is its very smooth, slippery surface. Although it can be a good thing to have a smooth tray that can’t hurt your pet, it can often turn out to be too slippery for them. This makes things especially difficult for dogs – they can fall or find it harder to get up from the crate.

If now you’re rethinking about buying GoGo because of the slippery surface, have no fear! An easy solution is to find a soft and cotton-made blanket (cotton makes it less slippery) and put it on top of the tray. This will make the crate even warmer and cozier for your pet!
Check More Info & Buy GoGo Plastic Dog Kennel Tray on Amazon

2. Precision Pet Dog Crate Replacement Pan

Precision dog crate replacement pan has a non-porous surface that’s great for repelling water. Containing all the drips and debris is crucial for a clean house, too. This product prevents getting any persistent stains on your carpets and therefore you don’t have to do the tough rubbing and washing process. A higher lip gives additional protection, preventing any unwanted fluid to spill over the edges.

This plastic tray for dog kennel is composed out of flexible polypropylene material, which makes it light in weight. Polypropylenes have a high resistance to cracking, acids, organic solvents, and electrolytes. They also have a high melting point and are non-toxic. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sturdier, stiffed tray, the better pick for you would probably be Everila or Pinnacle Systems metal trays, as they guarantee more stability.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have issues with your dog chewing and scratching the crate, the polypropylene material makes this dog crate bottom flexible (and it will resist a lot of damage!). The slide-out design makes the cleaning easier, combined with a smooth surface that can be wiped and washed quickly.

Extra tip: Measure the size of your crate very carefully because this tray can be a bit tighter than expected. Don’t let this worry you, it will probably fit just fine but it can’t hurt to be a little more cautious!
Check More Info & Buy Precision Pet Dog Crate Replacement Pan on Amazon

3. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Kennel Replacement Tray

Here comes another great dog crate pan from MidWest Homes. It is made of polypropylene plastic mixture that makes it sturdy and stable. It is one of the leak-proof replacement pans that is also odor resistant. This is very important because there are a lot of great crate trays that are hard to clean and leave a bad smell in spite of all the cleaning efforts.

Although this MidWest crate tray has a sturdy feel and is thicker than most plastic pans, it can crack under higher pressure. Like we said if your pupper is a bit restless or has any anxiety issues, or just genuinely enjoys scratching and chewing on things, this may not be the right choice for you.

Also, keep in mind that the surface of this tray isn’t so smooth, and although this makes it less slippery for your dog’s paws, it requires some additional cleaning from your side. Sponge or paper towels are not enough, and you’ll probably need a brush or something similar. If you want an easier clean, you can go with MidWest Homes plastic tray for dog cage, which we rated in our top 3 products list.

While this replacement kennel tray is designed for dog crates, it also has multiple uses as for your entryways, mudroom, closet, garage, kitchen, garden or the inside of your car. It can also be useful as a base for cat’s litter box, preventing the litter to scatter all over the floor. The raised edges keep all the dirt and liquid inside the pan. So even if it’s not the best pick for your dog’s crate, it could fulfill other various needs, and find a place in your home.
Check More Info & Buy MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Kennel Replacement Tray on Amazon

4. Everila Metal Dog Crate Pan

Another great metal dog crate pan comes from Everila, made from galvanized steel that is rust-resistant. This crate tray is one of the durable metal products that can last for a very long time. It’s very resistant to scratches and chewing, so you don’t have to worry about your dog tearing it up.


Everila metal dog crate pan is sturdier than regular plastic trays, and although that is a positive trait, the downside can be the noise that it produces. Dogs can be scared of the noise, and you can find yourself woken up in the middle of the night by the loud sounds it can produce. However, if you still prefer a metal tray due all the stability features, you can solve this problem by putting something soft (like a towel) under the pan.

Although it can be used for other purposes, you will find plastic pans more suitable for various kinds of situations, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for something lighter and smoother for everyday house purposes.

Everila metal dog crate pan comes in 35×23 inches and fits in 36×24 crates only. So be sure you got all the measurements right if you want it to fit your dog crate, because this crate is sturdy enough that, if you decide to buy it, it’s likely that your next dog crate tray purchase won’t be so soon.
Check More Info & Buy Everila Metal Dog Crate Pan on Amazon

5. Everila Metal Dog Crate Tray

Once again, we have the Everila metal dog crate pan replacement but this time it comes in a different size – 41×27 inches, fitting in 42×28 crates. This is a tray for larger crates that can hold larger dog breeds (up to 90lbs). It’s also made of galvanized steel, making it a stable and safe replacement base.

This metal crate tray is especially good for bigger dogs that can really break apart almost anything! Softer material crate panes regularly fall victim to them, and this product will definitely emerge as a winner in that battle. You can count on it lasting for months, if not years. That’s already a huge benefit if you opt for this purchase.

Its biggest flaw is that it’s a little sharp around the corners. Although the edges don’t really come in contact with your pet’s paws, and it’s unlikely they will get hurt, a rolled edge would be a safer option. It’s just one of those things that no pet owner wants to think about.
Check More Info & Buy Everila Metal Dog Crate Tray on Amazon

6. MidWest Homes for Pets Replacement Kennel Tray

Made from polypropylene plastic mixture, the MidWest Homes dog kennel replacement tray is advertised as a leak-proof and a durable pan. As we said, polypropylene makes cleaning process very easy and it is also odor resistant. That makes this pan very useful, not only for dog crates but for various other purposes. Its flaws are its flat edges that can potentially cause leaking or dirt spillage.

It comes in 41×20 inches, which is an unusual size, although it can be useful to people that struggle with finding the right fit among standard crates. It also has a simple mechanism for inserting it under the crate. Its easy-to-slide-out design reduces the trouble of putting the crate and the tray together.

And don’t forget, the MidWest Homes kennel tray is made for multiple purposes, so you can use it inside and outside of the house, in various everyday situations.
Check More Info & Buy MidWest Homes for Pets Replacement Kennel Tray on Amazon

7. Paws & Pals Replacement Bottom Tray for Dog Crate

Paws & Pals bottom tray for dog crate is made in various sizes (small, medium, x-large, xx-large, and xxx-large) making it easy to find the right one for your needs. The tray has a deep lip around the perimeter that prevents any liquid or dirt from flowing over. This dog cage tray is made from thick ABS plastic that is very resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts. It’s built to last longer than crate pans. However, keep in mind that it’s still made of plastic, so it will probably break under more serious pressure.

On the other hand, thick and smooth plastic is easy to clean – it is often enough just to wipe off the dirt, or to pour water on the pan and the stains will go away. That makes it a great choice not only as a dog cage replacement pan but also for other purposes, like a base for the cat litter box or shoe disposal. Paws & Pals tray also has a very cheap price, so you don’t have to worry too much about making a hasty or risky decision.
Check More Info & Buy Paws & Pals Replacement Bottom Tray for Dog Crate on Amazon

General information about dog crate trays

Having a dog crate has numerous benefits. A crate encourages your dog’s instinct not to make a mess where they sleep and also helps them with safer traveling. Toilet training can be very tricky and a lot of dog owners have difficulty with their first puppy in the house. If you don’t want your things to be ruined, but you also don’t know the right way to teach them not to make a mess inside, then a dog crate makes the training process a lot easier, by making the crate their safe place. Once your dog realizes that the crate can be their little den and starts perceiving it that way, they will want it clean and maintained. This is also the case when it comes to traveling. Having their own spot while everything around them moves and makes your pet anxious will provide a safe and more comfortable feeling and reduce any stress or anxiety that might come as a result.

It’s logical that your pet crate should come with a stable, durable bottom but it’s not always that simple. Sometimes you just need a specific dog crate floor, the one that fits the needs of your dog. As we mentioned earlier, the base of the crate is called pet cage tray (or replacement pan) and it should be designed in a way that allows you to easily slide it in and out of the cage. There are several advantages that come with a good tray product, and we will go through a few of them just to give you an idea about its effective usage.

One thing is certain with a dog crate tray: it will get very messy. It is already difficult enough that you have to avoid walks in rainy weather or muddy tracks, and investing your time and energy into cleaning the dirt on an everyday basis makes the whole situation even more frustrating. The dog crate will inevitably get dirty, and you will end up washing and cleaning it at the end of the day. This is where a dog cage pan comes really useful. It collects all the dirt from the crate and your dog, and having the option to slide it out makes the cleaning process all that easier.

One of the main purposes of a dog crate is its portability, whether by plane or by car. However, even if your dog is well-trained there’s still a chance peeing themselves in a stressful situation such as an airplane flight. This isn’t their fault; the fear just does its part. But having a dog kennel pan will make the cleanup easier, especially for the airline staff.

Besides making your life easier in terms of hygiene, a crate pan is also great for your dog in general. They really want their den to be clean and odor-free, giving them an extra safe feeling they cherish. We bet you never imagined that a crate bottom can be so important, haven’t you? The only thing left now is for you to make your very own choice from numerous different crate trays – and we can help you with this difficult task. Keep reading and find all the useful information about buying a perfect pet crate tray.

Buying guide

Besides knowing the main advantages of having a pet crate tray, it is also important to know the specific features that different crate pans have. Below, we have written a detailed buying guide which will help you differentiate between trays, and choose one that suits your dog’s needs perfectly!


The basic difference between all crate pans is in the material. They can be plastic or metal, and the contrast is big, even if it maybe doesn’t seem that way at a first glance. The metal crate tray is usually a lot thicker and more stable, and therefore harder to break. In our top products list, we mentioned that metal trays are a good choice for anxious dogs and pets that have separation issues. Anxiety and fear can make them nervous and cause them to scratch and chew everything around them, including their crate tray. That can cause some serious problems for your pets and make the cost of replacing the tray look really small compared to other issues that may arise from this situation. Your dog can swallow some harsh materials with chemicals that can harm them. A high-quality metal replacement pan prevents makes this unlikely to happen, as they are sturdy and hard to break. However, the type of metal used in production is also pretty important. Even if the metal is sturdier than plastic, some of it can break and hurt your pet. Therefore it’s important to choose the ones that are made from galvanized steel or search for another stainless steel dog crate tray. Also, always read the product description and check the type of metal used in its production.
On the other hand, a plastic bottom for dog crate can also be made firm, and if your dog isn’t a chewer, it can be easier to maintain. Its structure is lighter than the metal one, and hence it’s much easier to put in or pull out of the crate. Plastic can be easier to clean with using only water or some towels to slide off the dirt. However, as with the metal crate trays, the type of plastic can make all the difference here.

Polypropylene plastic is not as sturdy as polyethylene, but it’s more resistant to chemicals and organic solvents. It is lighter in weight, but far more rigid than polyethylene. It mostly boils down to a question of personal preference: polyethylene can be harder to break because it is more flexible, but both types are less sturdy than metal. The decision can also be a matter of which plastic type is easier to clean, or avoiding a slippery surface for a clumsy dog. Try to keep in mind these features as well, besides basic sturdiness or flexibility.


The most common problem with choosing the right crate tray comes from people not knowing the right dimensions they need. An adequate replacement pan can be difficult to find, especially if you want to switch from a metal to a plastic crate tray or the other way around. It often happens that people get the plastic crate but the manufacturer no longer the makes metal replacement pan for that specific model, which can be frustrating. In that case, it’s up to you to measure the exact dimensions of the crate.

When people get a large dog crate tray it’s not unusual to see the dirt spilling all over the floor, while a smaller tray won’t collect debris at all. So how do you choose the right crate size? First of all, check if you have the model of your crate; it will make this process much easier. Just find the model online and search for an appropriate replacement pan. However, even if you know the right dimensions from the manufacturer itself, keep in mind the dimensions of the pan you want to buy. It can end up smaller or larger than your crate because you didn’t think about rounded edges, the door, wires, etc. Read the description very carefully!

If you don’t have the model of the dog crate, you should measure the crate at its widest length and width. Also, check to see if there is any flexibility in the length and width of the crate tray – that is to say, you want to know would the pan fit in the crate if it’s a bit wider or longer.


The main purpose of the pet crate tray is maintaining the dog’s den (and your house, or car) clean. That’s why it is important to look for a few things while choosing the proper tray. First of all, it is better to have a tray that has a deeper lip around the corners, so you can be sure that it keeps all the dirt inside. Lower lip will make the sliding process more difficult, and will probably cause more accidents while cleaning. Secondly, the smooth structure makes cleaning easy but can cause inconvenience for your dog. It can be hard for them to even step up if it’s too slippery. A rougher surface would probably be better, or you can place some material on top, like towels or carpets, which will make your dog warmer, too!


Many dog crate trays don’t have to serve the purpose of only being used as a removable bottom of a dog crate – there are a bunch of other situations in which they can come extremely handy. For instance, they can be used as pans that prevent leaking sinks to make a mess of your kitchen or to prevent cat litter to scatter all over your floors. Also, there are people that just can’t find the proper size of the base to store their puzzles, and thin plastic trays can be just the product they’ve been looking for. So, keep in mind that even if you’re not sure you’re getting the right kind of replacement for your dog crate, you’re bound to find other uses that will make the purchase worthwhile.

Other information

Measuring the dog’s crate can be tricky, so we’ll throw an expert tip your way to help you measure the crate easily.
Measure the opening where the pan slides into the dog crate. This will give you the maximum width needed for the dog crate tray.

To determine the right length of the crate, measure the inside maximum length. It is really important that the door can be opened or closed no matter the pan, so remember to take measurements with that in mind.

Last, but not least, measure the height of the opening where the tray slides into the crate. Some pans can be a little deeper, and therefore not suitable for every dog crate.

Also, if you’re feeling like treating your dog, take a look at this washable, durable and soft dog crate mattress that your pupper is bound to fall in love with!

Living with the product

A crate replacement tray can make every pet parent’s life much easier, from making the cleaning less exhausting to taking care of your dog’s health. Having a good crate tray will prevent troublesome accidents. In addition to that, choosing the right tray will save you from bothering with replacements every now and then. A good product is the one that lasts, and it will be great for your dog in so many ways.


Choosing the right dog crate is not just a matter of making your life easier, but also provide your pet with a safe place and a durable bed. If you want your pet to enjoy its crate, you have to make it perfect in all ways necessary. Making the crate warm, clean, and nice-smelling provides a feeling of total comfort for your pet. In the end, it’s all about making your dog feel good, and choosing the right crate tray is often vital to achieving this feeling.


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