Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Do you have kids? Are you planning on introducing a dog pet into your family? You ought to know that not all dog breeds are good for families with kids. Some dog breeds are a solely one-man dog. Others are good for families with older children. We have researched and compiled adequate information on dog breeds best for families with kids.

The courageous and friendly Bulldog

Very friendly with kids! It’s not a surprise the Bulldog has become part of many families with kids. It’s powerful and energetic and loves to play a lot, especially with kids. If your kids interfere with your work at home a lot, don’t worry. Just get a Bulldog. Problem solved!

The hunter’s Beagle

The Beagle was known to keep hunters company in hunting escapades. Beagles are friendly, clever and cheerful dogs. They could associate very well with other pets in your home, provided they are given proper orientation. They are lovers of exercise. You could keep them even in a small apartment – they are of reasonable size and height – not too much! A little challenge you’d encounter – they need frequent brushing and bathing.

The guarding Boxer

Fun-loving, bright and active! The boxer is one of the top breeds for kids in the American Kennel Club. It’s very energetic and high spirited; it needs lots of exercises. It is solidly built and could also keep your children busy!

Bull terrier

Bull terrier is a very playful dog. He thirsts for exercise. If you have a large family, the Bull Terrier is the best for you! A very protective dog, Bull Terrier always reciprocates your gentle and loving gestures by being protective. Used to be a companion dog, it is very loving towards kids and adults. It has an average life expectancy of 10 years. Usually, the Bull Terrier comes in two sizes: standard and miniature. The standard is about 22 inches in height. It weighs 40-85 pounds. The miniature one is about half the size of the standard both in height and weight. Choose the size suitable for the size of your apartment.

The gentle, kind and patient Newfoundland dog

The Newfoundland dog behaves like Mother Theresa. It could babysit for you! This dog loves children and guards them a lot too. Quite tall and hefty; 27 inches in height and 150 pounds in weight; so suitable for families whose apartment has a large open space. If you have a swimming pool or go swimming often, the Newfoundland is for you. He’s a great swimmer! Newfoundland has records of saving lives from drowning.

The herding Collie

Collie could amuse you at first! You might see the Collie trying to herd your kids. You can’t blame the Collie. It was initially a herding dog. But, you will need to discourage the childbearing attitude. The Collie has long hairs that require frequent grooming. They could get along well though they need to exercise adequately. They are quite calm while indoors and their life expectancy is about 14-16 years.


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